Hi I’m MODG. But you can call me MODG. You say it like Modg, like a Grandma name. Not like M.O.D.G. That’s a lot of syllables and I don’t have that kind of time anymore. It’s an honor to meet you and welcome you to my world of awesome. I’m just a regular strength girl with extra strength ideas. Although that may be backwards. Once upon a time I was fun lush, barking orders around my house to my cats, drunk off of skull vodka. Then one day I had a baby. Some would say I chose “diaper genies”. And to that this blog’s goal is to find a way to have both your martinis and diaper genies. Except not at the same time. And don’t put the martini IN the diaper genie.

These days I try my hardest to be a natural hippie mom but still wear Jcrew (Forever21) and spend 45 minutes on my hair in the morning. I live in the Philadelphia suburbs with my husband, B and dramababy, G. I am the house manager in this joint and not a housewife. I like Danny Tanner, Suri Cruise and Britney Spears. Preppy girls don’t like me because I talk about poop.

I’m trying to write a book, but what asshole isn’t trying to write a book these days?

Please enjoy your time here. If you’d like membership to the Danny Tanner Double Hearts Club, please inquire within.




I am the greatest of all

you can not come to my ball

you smell like a horse

and look bad of course

so get out and sit in the hall

LR 1999