GUYS. I’m so happy. I’m so proud of everyone. I feel like my heart lives on a rainbow made of tiny fairies made of glitter and smiles.

wana fairies

Ok, admittedly, I wasn’t all in last year’s WANA. To be fair though, I just had a baby. This year, no baby. And I’ve had the ability to comb through the WANA posts every single night. I’ve had the ability to weed out a little bit of shadiness and notify all parties before things got ugly. And I’ve had the ability to connect people who may not have found help otherwise. And every night that I sit down to do this, I’m just floored.

I check almost every comment, and time and time again, the people who are “in need” are also offering help on other posts. It’s just such a wonderful thing to see. And man, is it humbling to see how many people are really struggling out there. I just can’t imagine not being able to feed my family. My heart just breaks for so many of these people. But I do hope this helps in some small way.

This is just a small reminder to keep checking. Every day new needs are posted. Every night I sit down and “highlight” comments without a response. So you can always scroll all the way to the bottom to get to the newer comments and seek out the blue comments (those are mine) for quick reference to find people who still need help.

And this one is important….

If anyone owns a business, small or big, and would like to help one or more families  (especially with clothes or toys), I can give you a month of free advertising on the blog. That includes a mention in a post. Please contact me at modgblog at gmail dot com.

And if you are in need of toys for your children, please also visit Toys for Tots . It was brought up in the comments and is a great place to get toys for your children for Christmas.

Keep on WANA-ing. Very very proud of you all.




PS I’ll have my Stuff I Like posts up soon for kids, moms and dads, but WANA will continue.


WANA 3.0 is here.


The comments are getting to be overwhelming, I know. Many of you are having a hard time finding your original post. This will make it a little easier.

Click on the post to open up all the comments (so they all appear below)

use CNTRL+F and you’ll see a search box open in your screen.

Type in the name you used to post your need. For example if you’re searching for Michelle, it will show you all of the times “michelle” is said on the page.

Click through until you find your own.

If you can’t get a hold of someone that you are communicating with, email me at modgblog at gmail dot com with the original comment and I can look up an email address.

Thanks guys!

Here we are guys. Welcome to WANA version 3.0. A friendlier, happier, positive WANA.

Wana 3.0

WANA started when I feeling particularly assholey one year. To my surprise, I became extremely less assholey when we decided to give a gift card to a reader who seemed like she needed some help (without asking for it). I thought that feeling could benefit everyone. And it did. And it was awesome.

But for those of you who aren’t aware, WANA 3.0 almost didn’t happen. It grew to a level that I couldn’t manage and there were a lot of shade balls present. This year it’s not happening. Well, I’m going to do the best that I can.

WANA started as a way to put our guard down and just remember that we are all people who can help other people. It wasn’t as much about what we were giving but just about the fact that there are people out there who are good and who want to help. Strangers giving and accepting help from other strangers was the spirit of WANA. The spirit of WANA is not begging for a new ipad and complaining about someone else getting more help than you did.

So with that being said, I’ve compiled a small team to help be my eyes. Please, if you have asked for help and posted a need here, do not post again. I have the ability to check for duplicate entries even if a different name and email is used. I will delete duplicates.

Now that the yuck is out of the way, let’s talk about the awesome.

I really want to bring the awesome back to WANA this year. So I’m asking you to please be honest. Please be genuine. Please come here with goodness, acceptance and truth. And for those looking to give, thank you. And please remember, there will always be the bad with the good. But it doesn’t make your good any less good. If we stop giving because of the negative in this world, no one benefits. I’m no angel myself and when someone is shitty, I want to sometimes set them on fire. But I’m trying to learn that it’s not my job to teach them a lesson. Life will do that for them. Or the universe. Or Santa. He has a list you know.

A few things I’d like you to read before posting. Trust me, it will make everything go smoothly for everyone.

************How to ask for help**********

  1. Post a comment below. Your name can be anonymous if you’d like. The field for email address only shows to me. I’d prefer that be your actual email address in case I need to reach you.
  2. In your comment at the top, please post just like this : ***IN NEED*** that makes your comment stand out as a need that someone can reply to with help
  3. Please include in your comment a way to reach you. Post your email address as: mary AT gmail DOT com to prevent spam. If you’d like to, open a new email address just for WANA to stay truly anonymous.
  4. You’ll do best to leave open ended requests. i.e. don’t ask for a check for 500 dollars. People were helped much more with toys for their kids, warm clothes, gift cards, etc..

*************How to help***********

  1. Reply to an **IN NEED** comment with whatever you’d like to offer.
  2. I HIGHLY recommend that if you need to provide an email address, create a new one just for the purposes of WANA.
  3. If you’ve offered help and you see that this person has later received MANY offers, I just suggest asking the individual off line if it’s ok for you to help someone else, since they seem to be taken care of.
  4. Find a need that speaks to you. If you aren’t comfortable giving away a gift card, find someone looking for used clothes or toys. I know it’s harder to ship, but it’s 99.9% honest.
  5. Please do not post any **TO GIVE**. It becomes much too confusing to match anyone up.
  6. Gift cards are easy. If you’d rather go that route, get an email address and start a dialogue before you offer anything. Find out about their family and their need. And then trust your gut. once pair up with someone in need, I can’t help you. It’s really an act of good faith. Think of it like finding a pen pal
  7. Set expectations up front. Many people felt bad that they were never “thanked” by the person who received the gift. I do understand that feeling. But it’s not a requirement when you’re given charity. So if you’d like a picture, or a thank you, or a follow up. Ask for it up front.


This is a child who benefited from WANA the first year. Please remember that this is what it’s about.

It’s also about amazing moustaches.

The blog will continue on throughout the  month, but I will link to the post up top in the ad section. Good luck and GO WANA.

Thanks again to our WANA sponsor this year Little Hipsqueaks. The cutest best baby clothes on this here planet.






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