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Ruby made me do it. A post on her behalf.

April 9, 2013

With all this business of single-ish parenting, not eating anything that wasn’t blessed by britney fairies and tantrums about apples and socks, I haven’t even had a chance to tell you about the best thing ever.

And that my friends, is dressing up a little girl baby.


Oh I know. Duh. But really, it’s amazing.

When you were little did you love dressing up your Jem and the Hologram dolls in your Barbie clothes and vice versa? You never actually played with the dolls,  you just dressed them in their sportswear, brushed their hair and then dressed them for their wedding. Having a girl is like that except super-er.

It’s super-er because she smiles and makes goo sounds and poses. Those dumb Barbies just sat there all rigamortis. I’m here to tell you friends, it’s better than I imagined.

And and AAAANd. Like all of Ruby’s clothes are handmedowns. I can’t even imagine the greatness of shopping and dressing a little girl. Well, handmedowns EXCEPT for her signature head piece.


Now you all may remember that I take a firm stance against giant hair flowers on babies. It’s just too New Jersey Housewives for me. When I dress Ruby, I try to dress her like I’d dress me except mini. I mean to a degree I guess. I don’t have 90 pairs of leggings in every shade of chartreuse. I wish.

Back to Ruby’s signature headpieces. So I found these on Etsy and when they came, I knew I had a winner. As a friend of mine put it, she looks like a 1950’s housewife. YES. That’s exactly how I want my baby to look. So I ordered more.


I loved them so much that I emailed her asking if she’d consider being a sponsor of the Modgblog. I NEVER do that. But I felt like you guys would eat these bad boys up. And I wanted to post a billion pictures of Ruby in them for you. Winners all around.

So I present to you Little Hipsqueaks. She also makes baby hats and blankets, but these headbands in my opinion are the answer for those of you who don’t want a giant flower on your baby’s head. They also come in toddler size.


Every morning it takes me a good 20 minutes to dress this child. With G it was a tshirt and jeans and bam, ice cream stains and poop smears and we’re out the door. This is another story.

B: (from downstairs) ARE YOU READY YET?


B: Then let’s go!

Me: We’re not ready yet!

B: You JUST said you were ready!


B: What on earth are you talking about?


B: Oh jesus.

Me: Don’t be rude, it’s really hard when a girl can’t figure out her outfit.

B: …..

Me: She felt you roll your eyes. You’re making her feel bad. We’ll be in the bathroom fixing our hair.

B: I can’t deal with this.

So yes friends, having a girl is everything I dreamed about and more. I’m told I have like 2-3 more years of deciding outfits for her and then she’ll drive to Victoria’s Secret and buy thongs and padded bras with the money she earned from selling the clothes I bought for her on Poshmark from her iPhone. Yeah.

So I’ll enjoy this while I can. Deal with it B.


MODG and Ruby.

And Ruby’s head pieces.


With all this business of single-ish parenting, not eating anything that wasn’t blessed by britney fairies and tantrums about…

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I can now officially tell you which jeans will make you look hotter than 1999 Britney at the Super Bowl. (so hot)

February 20, 2013

I’m going to start by telling you that this post took me TWO weeks to put together in 15 minute chunks. There was no toilet opportunities available.

Now, I’m going to be honest. I’ve been replacing my eating awesome foods with shopping for awesome jeans. However I usually return the jeans. There is no returning the nutella pretzels. Well, outside of my special toilet time circa Norovirus 2013, there is no returning the nutella pretzels. Anyway, my loss is your gain because I am now the reigning expert on skinny jeans for the post preg body.

As you know, this is part 2. Part 1 is here and I just didn’t feel that my job was complete. I now feel as though I have conquered and can share my knowledge of the denim world with all of you.

I’ll go over my rules again.

I was looking for skinny jeans that:

1) didn’t make me look short and wide

2) didn’t cut me off at muffin top rd. and South.

3) were comfortable enough to run around with 2 kids

4) didn’t stretch out by 12 noon

One more honesty nugget: Trying on jeans after a major virus, is a little bit more fun. You’re down at least 1 jean size. Moving on.

SO  many of you told me to check out American Eagle for jeans. So I had to add that to the list. However, I refused to go into the actual store. Don’t ask me why. I have no problem trotting my 32 year old ass into a store where I am clearly not “Forever21″, but for some reason I can’t get down with the middle schoolers at AEO. So I ordered online. I ordered the pairs that were hi-rise and stretch.

AE super skinny

This is the hi rise super skinny. Ok at first, I liked these. They weren’t THAT hi rise, but whatever. And the length was good. However I did order a “short”. Please remember that I’m 5’2”. One thing I’ve found though is that “short” sizes usually make for a smaller inseam as well. I need the regular people inseam for my longerish torso. So I put them in my exchange pile for a regular length. I decided in the end to just return them. They were just ok and stretched out a bit as I wore them.

f21 stretchy high rise skinny

Meet, the Forever21 Stretchy Hi Rise jean for 24.80. These are so awesome. First, don’t wear them like this picture. Wear them like a normal person with a shirt over the waist. But they are a mix between pants and jeans, with good stretch. If you are between sizes, get 1 size up. If you are a true whatever size, get that size because they stretch, but not as much as the AE jeans. Worth it. Get them. Thank me.

paige skyline

Another fan favorite was the Paige Skyline jeans. Now my criteria for designer denim is way more fierce. I want to look like a Britney 1999 poster. The rise was not high. Like not at all. They cut in and I wanted to vom. Remember, I’m 5’2” so if the rise isn’t high enough on me, it’s really not high. I need to tuck that shit away. Trust. These were a big no.

gap legging

So I went back to the Gap. I tried on the legging skimmer jeans, the printed legging jeans, other colors of legging jeans and these my friends are the only ones that I can truly stand by. I even ordered them in a smaller size and they are the ones I go back to every day. I really REALLY dislike the other cuts of Gap jeans right now. They are frumpy and not cute. But these my friends are really great. I promise you. They don’t stretch out and they are always cute. They are denimy enough to not look like pajama jeans and the color is flattering. BIG endorsement. Order a size down if you are between sizes. I wear the regular length.

AE hi rise jegging


These are the 2nd AE jeans that I bought. At first I was like, total keeper. These are the hi rise Jegging jean. I even took the tags off. I wore them all day. By the end of the day, the knee could hold sandbags and I was yanking them up my crotch. NONONO. I packaged them back up and took them into the store to return without tags. That was commitment my friends. Right in there with the middle schoolers.

AG skinny stretch

Since I had returned 40 things with my Nordstrom’s gift card, I decided to bite the bullet and order the awesome AG jeggings. I got them, I tried them, I wore them and I “liked” them. I’ll be honest, they are seriously just cotton leggings made to look like jeans. And definitely not worth 200 dollars. So I returned them. I liked so many cheaper ones almost as much and felt like more of a respectable human in actual pants in the others. Surprise. Expensive isn’t always better (just usually).

f21 stretch skinny


Ok people, this is a serious home run. Lots of you were like, please check Forever21. I’m in that store like at least once a week, but I never tried on the denim because 1) I’m a snob and 2) I thought I’d have to wear a size 14 in that store. Dudes, I was so wrong. These jeans are ELEVEN DOLLARS. I wore my actual size and they are super cute on. Now I will say, after washing, they look a little wrinkly and sad. But a quick iron later, they are super. And usually I don’t even care enough to iron. These are gray and sometimes they have blue, just not now. But look for ones that say stretch and again, are ELEVEN DOLLARS.


I was emailed from the fine folks at Urban Outfitters, notifying me that their BDG jeans were on super duper sale. So I ordered these off of your rec’s. I really wanted a color and I liked this dried period color. They came and they laughed at me. They were like…wait…THESE are your legs? Where are the rest? They are SOOOO long. Now to be fair, many come in lengths. These did not. And they were so long that even a cute cuff or a roll was a joke. They rise is also way too high. Which I haven’t said yet. I would like to try the regular kind in lengths though.


Now my FINAL evaluation of the ultimate skinny jeans for the post mom body without looking like a mom:

NUMBER ONE) Gap Legging jean. No other Gap jean. The legging (non skimmer) jean is your go to. I promise.

2) I’m going to say it: Forever 21 jeans. Reasoning is a combination of price and fit.


I feel like we should really take into consideration price because after babies, our bodies change and we won’t be in these denim sacks forever. Eventually we’ll be the hotness again. So get yourself 1 pair of Gap legging jeans and then go to F21 and get a ton of shitty colored zippered clown face printed jeans to be cool.

And with that my friends. The skinny jean quest is over.

And now the shoes….




I’m going to start by telling you that this post took me TWO weeks to put together in 15…

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The best skinny jeans for the non-skinny post baby body. i.e. me, after baby #2 and 40lbs of coconut product.

January 31, 2013
slider 5

This post is the most important post in the history of all time.

Because what it’s more important than jeans?



See, after baby#2, this little old body of mine is like screw you bitch. I’m tired. And fat. And I like it that way. Except I don’t like it that way. I’ve been on the Paleo diet for almost a month now and due to my insane crutch of eating bags of nuts and every coconut product that a coconut could ever produce (there are like 58), I’m gaining weight. GAINING WEIGHT. How do I know this? Because I had the awesome responsibility of getting measured for a bridesmaid dress. Which is worse than weighing yourself on a scale. It’s numbers that tell you how much earth you take up. And then a week later, the numbers were bigger. And I died. So we’re working on fixing that asap.

In the mean time, a girl has to wear jeans. And I’m super qualified to help all the post pregs find jeans since my body looks like a half empty roll of toothpaste. Before we get into the grit of it all, I’m going to explain my body to you so you can understand if this can help you.



Yes that’s me. I also have a Ihateeverything look on my face for good reason. I remember when Kendra Wilkinson said that she could feel her uterus pushing out her stomach, I thought, please bitch, that’s some excuse. But I swear I feel it. It’s giving me a big pouchy belly. I have a longer torso with short legs so in general I need jeans that have a higher rise so they don’t push my side fat all over the jeans. But my legs are petite and I’m overall a pretty small person, so when I go up a size, the waist fits, but the legs are too big. I know, disgusting. So this was my challenge.

I posted on facebook to everyone to recommend your best skinny jeans to me. I normally am not a skinny jean fan, but with my new disgusting body, it’s works. In a disgusting way. I received almost 300 comments. Super. I went through them all. My criteria was this:

1) affordable. I do not plan on being this size for long. HEAR THAT BODY? But I did try a few pricier ones just to compare

2) dark color to make me fade into the dark dark night of skinniness

3) super skinny with some stretch

4) a mid to high rise to tuck away all the bullshit

I made a pinterest page categorizing all of the recommendations. Then I got a very very special day where B stayed home with the kiddos and I went on a damn MISSION to the mall. There was sweat involved.

**NOTE** I do not have the time or ability to do a full denim photoshoot on my toilet. I tried and then a baby cried and a toddler pooped and it was all over. I got one picture.

I started with some of the cheaper and less likely options


Ann Taylor Loft is the supplier of these seemingly cute jeans (Modern Skinny). Cute right? Dark, skinny, stretchy, mid rise. And what I like about general mall type stores is that the sizing always makes you feel way skinnier than you are to appeal to fat america. I bite. Loft had a 50% off sale so I ordered these.


I should say that I saw these on a friend and they were cute. This is what they looked like on me


I can’t even believe I just put that picture on the internet with my slow face and beast butch outfit. Regardless, you needed to see the FALACY that is Ann Taylor Loft. BAD. Now I should say that I have heard the legging jeans are better. This I may try. But these friends. No. Just no. Next.

Another American Standard. THE GAP. I’ve been impressed with their jeans lately. They usually do stretch out but without paying 200 dollars, you’re going to get that.

I tried these:


This is the Gap legging jean. Note, it is not the super stretch. We’ll get to that. These I liked. The rise was perfecto. I did order 1 size bigger than I normally wear pre-preg, but it wasn’t THREE sizes bigger so that’s a win. I did not order the short or petite, which you would think I should since I’m 5’2”. But in both, the rise is shorter and hits the handles in a vomit spot. The regular was perfecto. I KEPT THESE AND I’M HAPPY WITH THEM.

I did also try these


These are the same jeans as above but with Super Stretch. Very cute, seemingly good fitting. But halfway through the day they literally fall down my ass and I’m pulling them up like a diaper wearing mental patient. Cute but annoying. For my body, it’s a no.

Levi’s Juniors 535 Super Skinny Denim Legging
Good old American Levi’s. Sold on Amazon. That’s always a bonus. I emailed the mom jean guru herself at Aint No Mom Jeans and asked her opinion and she suggested these.


Ok these were sitting in my mailbox as I was writing this post. I threw on my hot pink slippers and pea coat and ran in the freezing wind to get them. I threw them on and immediately thought, too small. kill myself. But I kept going. And you know what? I like them. A lot. They are “jeanier” than a lot of the legging jeans I’ve tried. I wish the rise was a little higher but I think they will stretch a bit. I will say that they are junior’s sizing which is AWFUL. I ordered 3 sizes bigger and should have gotten 4 sizes. I know. But I’m going to keep them and rock them.



These are the BDG jeans that are carried at Urban Outfitters. I didn’t get to try them this time around but I do have a pair and I like them. They aren’t my “current” size right now but the rise is good and I’d try them again. Price is great too. I’d go a size up in these though.


Oh JCrew. Once upon a time we were friends. No longer. The toothpick and matchstick jeans were recommended to me and were a giant frump fail. I looked like a mom on a mission. A mission to be disgusting. I tried on all the jeans in the store. Some jeans, when you size up just doesn’t work on the rest of you. J.Crew falls into this sad sad category.


I’m SO sick of everyone being all “Old Navy ROCKSTAR jeans are the bestest best ever”. No. No they are not. They are SO low rise I wanted to vomit. I tried all colors, shapes, etc. These are so bad (for me) I wanted to cry/die. I also tried their other shapes, flirty curvy, swirly, twirly, who can keep up with the lame names. They were all a no for this post preg.

Other recommendations on the cheap that I didn’t get to try:

American Eagle  Hi Rise Super Skinny (I was afraid to go in, everyone was 15 in there)

Target  Denizen Mid Rise Skinny (they didn’t have them online and I can’t go into a store without a baby strapped to my body)

Victoria’s Secret siren mid rise skinny. Eh, I just didn’t.

Now let’s talk about some of the higher end options. In another child-less life, I had a high paying job and could buy nice clothes. So I believe there is nothing in the world like expensive jeans. They do things for your body that no other clothing item can (Spanx excluded). Not too long ago I received a 100 dollar gift card to Nordstroms from a reader. I KNOW?!?! So I got in the car, left my pride at home and tried some of these fat sluggers on.



Hudson mid rise “Nico”. Ugh expensive jeans. You are so good yet hurt me so bad. See, these people don’t need to cater to fat America so their sizing is more “true”. I like to call it more “lies” but it’s true. I had to go up THREE sizes to get them to even fit. And then they were bag sag in the legs. For me, it was a no go. For someone cuter than me, a good jean.


These are the AG Jeans in super skinny stretch. They fit more like a legging. I went  up 1 size AND 2 sizes and both fit. That’s how you know you’ve got some pajama jeans on your hands (good thing). I really really liked these. They came up perfectly in the rise and hugged my legs and butt. I was realizing that I needed more of a legging jean in general and less of a skinny jean. The legging jeans were giving me the stretch I wanted to not squeeze the belly but also to be tight enough on my legs to make me look small under my giant potato sack sweaters.  I didn’t buy these because they were so expensive BUT I WANTED TO. OH I WANTED TO.



Joe’s Skinny Leg “Marty”. Nope. Not cute. Not skinny enough. Not stretchy enough. Too tight in the waist, too big in the legs. Same old BULLSHIT. Screw you Joe and your “jeans”.

Others I tried to find but they didn’t have in the store

J Brand Mid Rise (also recommended from Aint No Mom Jeans)

Paige Skyline. I think these would have been great. I’m a Paige fan in general

Articles of Society “Mya” jeans. These are sold in the junior’s department. I just couldn’t.

So my conclusion for those of you who may have a similar body type and are dealing with post partum fats. Get yourself the stretchiest legging jean you can find (i.e. leggings). Remember how leggings were good when you were preg? Same idea, except JEANS.

My top low end recommendation: Gap Legging Jean with the Levi’s 535s
as a close back up.

My top high end recommendation: AG super skinny Jean (Glendon)

But I do think that any jean with the word “legging” in it with a super high amount of stretch and a mid rise, will do the job. What do you think? Are there any that I missed that I HAVE to try?

Apologies from my toilet. She sends regards.



This post is the most important post in the history of all time. Because what it’s more important than…

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IT’S HERE: Stuff I Like (Holiday Edition II)

December 4, 2012

Hello and welcome to the 2nd holiday edition of “Stuff I Like”. I also call this, the time where I pretend to be Ellen/Oprah (Elrah) and you pretend to care. It’s a great time of the year.

In this series, I do a post on the stuff I want, stuff B wants and stuff the kids wants. It helps you buy gifts and spend your money carelessly. That’s what friends are for.

I’m starting with my list and I feel the need to share this disclaimer: I have been pregnant for 43 years, I haven’t put on non pajamas in 3 weeks, my dark circles match my hair color and I really couldn’t tell you anything happening in the world that E news isn’t reporting. With that being said, my list may reflect my current state of being. Gone are the days where I’m posting the cutest Marc Jacobs bag and now I’m posting a waterproof diaper bag and food processor. Apologies to cool people everywhere.

Here we go. Remember, click on the picture for the link to the product:
Hue Women’s Perfect Fit Leggings.

I know this picture is small. Click on it for the bigness. These leggings (I’m told) are the best for post pregs. They have a wide waistband and come up high enough to suck in your sag parts. And let’s be honest, I clearly haven’t worn enough leggings in the past 9 months, so I need MORE MORE MORE LEGGINGS. Right now I care about being comfortable and not a heinous beast. Ok, 1 out of 2 isn’t bad. Also: CHEAP. Get them, thank me.

Longchamp expandable travel bag (big ass diaper bag)

Oh lovely expandable waterproof diaper bag. How I long for you. My super cute leather bag isn’t cutting it anymore. It’s a super bag, but for the likes of 2 kids in cloth diapers who need shit like bananas and bibs, I need this. I keep posting it hoping that some benefactor out there will gift it to me because they want to. That stuff happens right? I mean in our lives, the cost of this is totally not realistic for a diaper bag. But I can dream. And the richies out there can get it and rub it in my face.

Bach Flower Remedies

You’ve heard me talk about Bach Rescue Remedy before. Bach has many many “remedies” as the fancy homeopathic people call them. They are essences that cure ailments. For example, I’m taking the Mustard remedy now  to “bring back joy and cheerfulness when gloom descends for no obvious reason” i.e. post partum depression. I love how specific the descriptions are on the remedies. They are also super beautiful little tiny magic bottles. I feel like a cobbler in 1765 with my remedies. If I really had my super gifting ways, I’d love the whole set and run a homeopathic business in my front yard. Lemonade stand style. And if you want to get funny about it, get this set for your favorite frienemy. Be all, “I really thought you could use this…”

You can look up ailments here

That is one tiny sexy pumper. Note to self: Take picture in your self pumping bra, naked, with hand on hip and seductive face. Use as facebook profile pic. So yeah, I look at stuff like this on my own wants list and sigh. My life is so far from “martinis”. But dudes, I really want this. Do you know what an ass pain it is to hold the pumps at your boobs while you pump? You can do all sorts of things with this. Pump and ride a horse! Pump and pave your driveway! Pump and Britney dance with a snake around your neck! The options are limitless. Also, pump and take awkward pictures.

One of you guys clued me into this on the MODG facebook page. This is the coolest. It’s a memory card for your camera that has built in wi-fi. So you can upload directly to your computer, or facebook, or twitter, or porn sites in a flash. Also I felt so smart when I told B about this and I knew about it before he did. Thank you MODG readers for making me smart. This is a very cool gift for anyone with a camera.

Let’s chalk this up to the “gifts I’ll never get, but will talk a lot about wanting” category. Oh MacBook Pro. You should be mine. See, I hate ipads. I know, kill me society. But I’m a “writer” (heavy on the quotes), so I like to type. And any “writer” knows that typing on anything touch screen is for baboons. I assume the proper posture that I learned in 1994 typing class and I play dork games like Type Racer. So I want want want a macbook. And don’t give me any of that netbook BS. I have one and I want to throw it at someone’s head. Mainly Taylor Swift.



Dudes, my Magic Bullet finally broke.  I think there are like 9 sex toys out there with the same name, but I’m talking food processor. I’ve had mine for TEN years. I’ve had NOTHING for ten years. This thing is closer to me than my cats. I finally broke the damn thing trying to process dates for some homemade Larabars. I’m an asshole. You can buy them at trader joe’s. Whatever. I want a new one like yesterday. If you don’t have one, buy one RIGHT NOW SERIOUSLY DO IT. It will change your life forever. We use ours like twice a day.

As any good hippie, I have classic Toms. I love them more than bacon. Now I’m an advanced hippie and I need advanced Toms. I like these. I like the alien green color and the stitching. But I’m open to other wild Toms. They are the perfect throwing on running out the door shoe and look normal with everything. I say normal because looking “good” is something at this point in my life I’m not really striving for. Again, apologies cool people.

How cool is this? Again, for people who use their camera a lot, this is awesome. It’s such a good gift and so unique and awesome. This is a camera strap. I guess I should have said that. It’s not a horse bit. Or leather whipping tool. Camera strap. That’s all. Love it. Want it.

Finally, what modern mother would be complete without initial necklaces of her kid’s names? Obviously I need a G and an R. I’ll tell people it’s for Grave Robber. This Etsy seller does them cute and cheap.

sorry there is the link…

And there you have it friends. My super list. Use it and go forth. Those who will like my items may fall into the following categories:

New mom

Fake Hippie

Old mom

Bored mom

Needs more hobbies mom


My favorite part of these lists though is the comments. So please leave in the comments any awesome items that you are wanting this holiday. Then I can claim it as my own.

Next up is the toddler list. Hold on to your wallets people (B).




The ability to write this post and not (yet) declare bankruptcy was brought to you by the super cuteness at Gigi Hill. I really am wanting this and this right now. You know, for all of my fanciness that I’m doing these days. I didn’t know about this company until they started advertising with me but they have awesome bags and luggage that aren’t balls expensive. Which is definitely my biggest qualifier these days.


Hello and welcome to the 2nd holiday edition of “Stuff I Like”. I also call this, the time where…

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FINALLY the Big Boy Room Pictures and source list.

November 5, 2012

Thank you all for your positive stories and advice. I have to admit I’m an emotional mess. I called B this morning at work crying…

Me: I c c c aaan’t have an o o other c c c c sectio o o o n

It’s so hard to stay positive right now. But I’m doing the best I can. So to take our minds off of my vagina and onto bigger and better things, let’s do some big boy room shit. By the way STILL NO SUN. I had like 30 seconds of sun today and I RAN to the room with my camera and the sky was like GOT YOU. It just wanted to see a 39 week pregnant woman run.

So we’re going with what we have because I’m ovah it.

First let’s credit the uber talented, fabulous and foul mouthed MFAMB. If you don’t read her blog, you are foolish. Really. Here’s how it went down every day. She would give me ideas and I’d be like I NEED MORE SPECIFIC INFORMATION. I need you to tell me exactly where to put that frame and where to put the books that go in the box because my brain doesn’t work anymore. And she would. And not call me a nut job. She does this service for people in the world. She is fabulous.

We started with this inspiration, put together by MFAMB:


I loved it and wanted it exactly like this. That didn’t completely happen for reasons which I will explain. But the inspiration to start was great.

Here is the before picture of the room. Our old guest room:

And now the after

BIG BOY ROOM! You’ll see I committed the #1 design crime: ceiling fan. I apologize to the design world but it’s hot. We need a fan. Deal.

 Yep, it’s a lot of orange. That table is fluorescent orange and in the West Elm picture it is the color of sand. Tricky West Elm. Tricky.

I think my favorite element is tied between the awesome vintage dresser find on Craigslist for 60 bucks and the blow up of G picking his nose. Equally great.

All the chachkies we had or were toys that G didn’t play with anymore because they don’t scream songs and light up your face. Of course NOW he wants to play with them. Sorry kid. Sacrifice to the design gods.

Photograph by yours truly. My talents know no bounds.

You’ll see that there are GASP markers and paint in these tins. This is something we call “styling” a picture. Because the second these pictures are over, that shit comes out. I’m no fool, a 2 year old can’t be trusted. Toys and cars will go in them until he can act right.

B built these after only 3 fights and 1 crying session. Win.

That picture is the day B and I first met. And that equation below it is real math.


Books chosen from our house on purpose.

The art is all done by a great friend of ours which I’ll tell you all about

Obv a deer head.

Kids are really the only ones that get tons of pictures of themselves in their own room. I asked B, I can’t do this is my room.

See what happened here?

And there you have it. A complete big boy room. This process started in April and finished TODAY. That is 8 months friends. And I say this because this wasn’t all bought at once and definitely not accomplished all at once with a 2 year old in the house. This was blood sweat and vomit. But I do really have to credit all of the work to B and all of the design to MFAMB. I did nothing. Thank god for that.

Now what you really want. The source list.

Bed: Amazon

Blue zig zag quilt: PB Teen

Stars sheets:  Company Store

Fluffy Pillow: West Elm

Orange quilt:Land of Nod

Table and chairs: West Elm

Tins and wire picture hanger: Ikea

Curtain fabric: Spoonflower

Toy bins: Container Store

Rug: Urban Outfitters

Nightstand: Ikea (expedit single cube)

Nightstand light:Ikea

Ceiling fan: Lowes

Hanging rockets: Land of Nod

Bob Dylan art: Concepcion Designs (a very good friend of ours and insanely talented)

Robot print: All Posters

Rocket Print: All Posters

Dresser: Craigslist bitches!

2 white lamps: Lamps Plus

blue guitar: Amazon

Orange clock: Urban Outfitters (sold out)

deer head: Urban Outfitters

If there is something you see that isn’t on this list it’s because we already owned it. This was work to put together my friends. To thank me, please go visit MFAMB and have her design a room for you. Or have her paint a picture for you. Or have her scour your local craigslist for you for awesome shit OR have her recap American Horror Story for you with MS Paint drawings. Because she does all of that. And she is in commercials. Really.

I hope you like the room as much as we do. No, G isn’t in it yet. We wanted to have it ready for him to get used to before switching him. It will be a few months. So if you want to rent it out for the night, it’s 700 a night.

I take paypal.




Sponsor shout out to Vaccishield. Awesome product that I give to G before his vaccines to make reactions less severe. Packed with vitamins, totally natural and just a powder that looks like cocaine. It’s not. You sprinkle it in their food and magic health fairies arrive. Check them out. I highly recommend. She is giving 15% off with the code MODG at checkout. Woohoo!

Thank you all for your positive stories and advice. I have to admit I’m an emotional mess. I called…

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