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The Warmest, Cheapest, Cutest, Bestest Coats of the year. And also some others that are meh.

November 18, 2013
zara puffer jacket with hood

First thing is usually first. And in this case, WANA update is first. We will be kicking it off right around Thanksgiving. So keep checking.

Next is our winner of the $100.00 Little Hipsqueaks credit. And the randomizer picked:


The question is, what DON’T I love on the LHS site? I stalk it weekly, but have only ordered two headbands so far because they are so popular and sell out. Too dang cute! Love the leggings. And of course, the headbands! Can’t wait to see what is in store for her holiday collection.

I am a longtime reader and WANA stalker. I haven’t been in the place of being able to participate as of yet, and don’t feel like we are in need either. I think you really did make the right decision, and all of us should be able to search our hearts and check the needs out to make our own contributions. This is a great and unique forum to accomplish that.


And as a bonus, Little Hipsqueaks is offering FREE SHIPPING to anyone with the code MODGFREE. YAY!


Now some other stuff.

Guys, I’m sort of an indoor kind of girl. And for that reason, my coats have always been cute little pea coats, or an ironic biker jacket that I totally shouldn’t be wearing at 33 years old, or some cute denim jacket that is meant for someone who doesn’t age from 21, with a big scarf. My outside time is the time from my house, or a store on the way to or from my car. And I’m all it’s coooooold waaaah.

Now I have a boy.

He likes to be outside. Kids are like little fire boxes. They are never cold and they just go. And bonus bonus chicken donuts, I now work at my son’s school once a week and that mean recess duty.

Guys. Recess duty is like some sort of purgatory for moms who ate their kid’s cookie and told them it accidentally fell on the floor. It’s SO COLD. So I decided I need a new coat. I need a warm coat. And I THINK I need a puffer coat.


I HATE PUFFER COATS. I still think of this every time I see one.



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I hand picked all the coolness you need for fall for cheap. Just pay me in hugs and lesbians.

October 3, 2013

Dear West Coast.

It’s Fall here.

In your no humidity face.

Love always,


Do you know how much the MODG family loves fall? We talk about Fall all Fall long. And when we say what we are grateful for at dinner, we say pumpkin beer, and red leaves, and halloween, and football, and chili and mustard. Well, G says mustard. He’s also never had mustard.


Back to Fall. Since it’s still Fall we still need more sweaters and boots. Like a million.

So reality time. You, nor I can afford 700 dollar boots unless we do some seedy thing. Which I may or may not be above doing. HOWEVER, we are respectable ladies in this piece so we are going to talk about *affordable* fall fashion for the mom on the go. I hate that term. momonthego. What mom is NOT on the go? Is there a momlayingdown? Because I’d like to be her.

A lot of you requested a style breakdown for cheapie cheapers. SO…

Here we go. Time to shop bitches.

We are going to address 3 major trends that I’m obsessed with right now. However they all stem back to one major trend:

Looking like a boy.



No, not like that.

Except maybe a little.

I’m obsessed with being a cool tomboy right now. It’s so NOT what I am. And that’s what I like about it. I told B this and he told me that he is excited to see me in a Penn State Jersey “cut for women”. I told him that I would rather be thrown into a flaming pile of cicadas. Thank you.

So. What do I mean by cool tomboy? I want to wear sporty NON JERSEY type things. I want to be the cool farm boy. I want to look like in boarding school. All of those things.

And I need to do it on the cheap. I have a few go-to’s when I need a cheap clothing fix.



Guys, this is pretty much my uniform right now. I know I’m not breaking down fashion walls or anything, but I feel like I’m comfortable and still cute. I’m REALLY into baseball hats that aren’t about teams.

Shirt is via Gap and with the code GAPNEW everything is 30% off right now

Jeans are also Gap always skinnies. My new current affordable fave.

Vest is Old Navy and everything is 20% off now with code ONSAVE20

My super love muffin hat is J.Crew

Sneaks are also J.Crew.

Here are some cute sporty pics that are all under 120. And most are under 50. sports

1) Ok, Gap has had these Always Skinny jeans for years. I tried them on when they first came out. Well years later I tried them on again and I LOVE them. This destroyed pair is the best.

2) This shirt is so cool. Sporty without being too literal. It looks a little vintagey.

3) I’m DYING for this jacket. This is the money piece. I feel like it will make anything look cooler.

4) There it is, the hat that isn’t really a team. Ok Jcrew says it’s some rando team. Which I’m fine with.

5) This is a great layering t. I know you need another t like you need another child. But it’s so cheap and good. Trust.

6) I really REALLY love every single thing about this shirt. The pop of orange rules my face off.

7) Ok this model wears this shirt in an awful sort of way. Picture it all the way unbuttoned, sort of falling off a shoulder with a tank under and skinny jeans. Maybe a long necklace.

8) I’m buying this one hands down.

9) The perfect sneaker that you can wear anywhere any time and look cool.


Next we are another sort of boy

cool mom


I totally love this one. I always want to be more rock and roll because I’m so not. Few things about this outfit. I have the shoes. They are THE best. My now go-to shoe for my skinny jeans in the winter. This v neck t shirt is from Old Navy and is my favorite. It’s perfectly worn in. Fits great. Looks great and is TEN dollars. Buy it a size too big. The moto jacket is totally discount. If you can spring, buy a good one. Zara has a few. But this is a good cheapie. Necklace is madewell and the perfect long necklace. Watch is 50% off now, bracelets.



Oh I love this. love love love. First we need to discuss the pants. I have these and they are SO awesome. This color is the best. It’s a neutral and gives everything a bit of military vibe. If you don’t have a chambray shirt yet, stop what you are doing and buy one. They look good all the time everywhere on everything. Especially cats. Not that Charlie knows about that. Sweater is cool chic whatever. And you obviously can’t be a good man without a good man watch. The bag is from Etsy and sold out. But there are a ton on Etsy like it for around 50 bucks. Just do a good search. Hat is Jcrew and sold out. Shoes are here and almost mine since they are on sale.



Here’s a few extra trends that I’m digging.

1) Just a cool graphic shirt to wear under a […]

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What do you do with your first 2 hours of free time? Panic about it. Then eat a cookie.

September 26, 2013
all the things

G has completed  his first 2 (ish) weeks of school. They ease the kids in going from 3 days a week to 5 and 2 hours a day to 3. I have been so consumed with “will he like school?” “will he make friends at school?” “will he destroy the school and all who cross his path?” that I forgot that once he is actually AT school, I will be AT home. Without him. While Ruby naps.

You guys.

Today I got it.

I walked in the door. I put Ruby down for her nap. And I looked around. Holy shit. There is one child here and she is asleep. And it’s just me. By myself. WHAT DO I DO? And this is what happened from here:

Oh my god. I’m alone.

First eat a cookie.

Actually eat 2 cookies.

Stand in the  middle of the living room and eat 2 cookies.

Turn on the tv.

Watch shows with out singing or bright colors and with partial nudity.

Eat another cookie.

Wait. I need to do a million things. I need to make a list.

List: take a shower, nap, dry my hair, actually style my hair, put on makeup, cook a real lunch, blog, read that magazine I bought 3 months ago, pick up all disgusting things on the floor….

all the things


I can’t waste my time making a list. I’m WASTING TIME. I only have an hour left. I need to do stuff.

Ok, start cooking lunch. Plan dinner. Pump milk.

WAIT WAIT. I also need to enjoy this time. I have like 55 minutes left. Am I enjoying this time?



omg. I am wasting time worrying about enjoying this time. It takes too much time to enjoy time.

I need a cookie.

Ok ok. I have 40 minutes left.

I should probably work out. I haven’t worked out in like 2 years. I don’t know how to start. I should google that.

Googling how to work out after slothing for 2 years.

Slothing is a weird thing to google. Especially in the images. Stop doing that.

SHIT 20 minutes left.

I’m not wasting my free time working out. That’s some bullshit.

Wait a minute. 20 minutes is left until G gets out of school. That means I actually only have FIVE MINUTES before I have to leave.

Do I have time for a cookie? Shit. I don’t.

And then I get Ruby up and we’re back in the car as soon as we got in the house. It’s a short short window of bliss, but it’s like nothing I’ve ever known. School is a wonderful thing my friends. Because it’s not TV. It’s not some stupid toy that he ends up throwing at Ruby’s head. It’s SCHOOL. It’s learning and kids and social time and teachers and stuff. How can you feel guilty about school? You can’t. Except that school is the unifying source of endless scarring memories for 90% of the population. Whatever.

And when I pick G up from school he comes running to me with a huge smile and 9 million art projects and tells me that he misses me. And I totally missed him too. And then he throws an old banana peel down my shirt because it’s “food and we can throw food at people” (??) and I miss him 1% less.

So either this new time will mean more blogging, skinnier body from working out (psh), more shopping and doing stuff like this


jacket / jeans and similar  / shoe that I’m dying for / bag /

scarf /hat is sold out, similar/ glasses

B totally votes for doing stuff like that. And so I did. And went on with my day with dirty hair, no makeup, just as non worked out, unslept and un read. But BUT I now have a picture of shit that I want but can’t have. Success.

I can always work out another day.

Or not.



What do YOU do with your school time? Eat cookies? Prob.




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Preschool is high school all over again. WILL I FIT IN?

September 18, 2013

Monday was a proud proud day at the MODG house.


My big boy went off to school. And he made this face. I’m not sure which makes me more proud. Prouder? More proud? School is valuable kids.

So guys. We HAVE to talk about this sort of preschool. When I first met my hippie friends through breastfeeding support group, I learned about the co-op preschool. I also learned there was a waiting list and you had to get on it early. I LOVE a waiting list. If you tell me those pink cowboy boots with hannah montana tongue face on it is sold out in every state and there is a list to get them. I MUST HAVE THEM. It’s pretty much not being able to make decision for yourself and using others as validation. Not like I know about that much.



The co-op preschool is a type of school that employs the parents as helpers in classrooms, is totally non profit, and encourages the community of parents to come together to support the school and each other. Sounds like rainbow marshmallows right? I was all, ok ok. We’ll see.

So I signed G up when he was 1 and figured in the next 2 years I could look around at other schools and make a decision, but this would at least be in my back pocket.

2 years goes by and I look at like 3 other schools that cost THREE times what this school did. Ok G you’re going to Playschool. (that’s what they call it.)

We go to our first meet and greet for new families at a park. I go with my best hippie friend L (who was also our doula) as her son is starting at the school as well. I’m pretty nervous. I maybe planned my outfit for 3 days. I needed to look like casual cool mom but sort of extra hippie. No fanciness. Chanel glasses stay home. We had to BLEND. L shows up in her for real hippie skirt that she made after she made a basket and candle, with essence of chapouli and oil of namaste all over her. MAN. My ripped jeans are so sub par. Everyone else has those shoes that look like feet, with the toes. One guy just got back from a “gig”.  I’m all, “cooool man. I’m just so busy these days um, eating placenta and um. finding really good eggs. And he’s like DUDE I LOVE GOOD EGGS. THEY ARE SO HARD TO FIND. (whew…)

I’m sort of fitting in. I ask L and she says I’m doing a good job and she is not embarrassed by me. What a good friend.

But wait.

I forgot to warn B. He’s coming late to be a supportive father.


And just like that, B walks up to the gaggle of toe-shoed parents in…

a full suit.

With tie.

With hair gel.

F. They are totally thinking they are being audited.

There goes my blend.

Um, everyone. This is B. (mumble mumble my hsbd).



Um ok?

But of course HIPPIES DON’T CARE. And that is the best thing about hippies. They are all peace love acceptance. Even of the man (B).

And then we had our  open house at preschool. And there was this


yep. At preschool.

And dude. The parents love this school so much. They come back to work in the classrooms when their kids are out of school. Half of the teachers went to this school. And some of the teachers are a little more golden girls than sex in the city. But I’ll take a great grandma any day over a sheer topped mini skirt. YOU KNOW THE ONE.

So G had his first day. And the parents stay in the classroom for the first 3 days to ease them in. And  I thought it would be cake. But it was a little hard. Me and G have always been a team. G likes 2 things in life. Cupcakes and attention. And I’ve always given him one of those. But now I was required to sit on the sidelines and just watch. No playing. He would come up to me and say…”you wanna play with me?” And I died a little inside. “No, mommy LOVES watching you play with your friends and your new teachers. You’re doing great!”.

Day 2 had no asking to play. In fact, I told him I was leaving the room to go downstairs and he said BYE MOM. GO. And then I died a little inside again.

And he did great on his own. He came down after class with his teacher and gave me a big hug. And his teacher said “you may want to wash his hands, he was holding really big worms”. And I died for a 3rd time.

I have no doubt that G is in the best school for him. He will fit in and do great. But will I? There is a PTO guys. There is the Kool Aid guys. Usually when I’m faced with Kool Aid, I drink wine instead. Maybe I’ll just put a splash into my wine. Spiked Kool Aid.

But guys, I really REALLY felt like a mom. I mean I know, I have 2 kids. I get it. I’m a mom. But sitting in school open houses and PTO meetings and teacher conferences. MOM STUFF.

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My list of cool mom must haves for Fall. Not like I know. A cool mom told me and I’m telling you.

September 16, 2013

Guys, it’s my favorite time of year. Football season!






Right. And Miley Cyrus is the next Britney. Please.

But Fall really is my favorite season of all of the seasons. I promptly shove 494 pumpkin foods into my mouth. I put a sweater, and layers and boots on as soon as the weather hits a chilly 75 degrees. I hoard any beer labeled Octoberfest. I watch horror movies on TV whenever I can find one. I obsess over the whole family’s halloween costumes and I open the damn windows in the house after humidity heat bug fest is finally over.

Yes. Fall is wonderful.

And every Fall I get the same itch that ever other girl in the Northeast gets. The itch to SHOP.

I read every September issue from Lucky Mag to TV Guide, just getting enough inspiration. I stalk store websites for the fall collections to be released. But to be honest… I don’t buy a whole lot. I just love looking at everything and getting inspiration from my own closet. MODG circa 2008 was paid $$ and she KNEW how to shop. This MODG has to buy kid boots and shit. I’m last on the priority list. BUT that doesn’t change my strong emotional ties to building the fall wardrobe.

And there are a few MUST HAVES that I want to share with you all. I get a lot of emails asking about mom fashion. First, I should point you to one of my favorite blogs Ain’t No Mom Jeans. I love love love this blog. I wish I could Copy Paste her look right onto me. She’s also battling breast cancer like a CHAMP. And she still looks hot doing it. So I really have no excuse.

So I put together a little list of my -somehow I have to find a way to get these things to live my life- list. My requirements were the following:

1) Comfort. I run around, out of breath, carrying one kid by her foot while I pull another one out of a trash can. I can’t be cinched in like I’m in the club. Unless it’s The Mickey Mouse Club (circa Britney Christina Justin).

2) Stainable. Those white chiffon tunic-y button downs just aren’t going to fly anymore. Every shirt I have has breastmilk mixed with playdough and red sauce all over it. That shit has to come out in a basic wash and dry. Dry cleaning doesn’t exist in my world. IT DOESN’T EXIST.

3) Casual. I love the women that can pull off the jewels and the 5 inch wedge while toting around kids. That’s not me. I need to be casual but cute. I definitely miss dressing up on a random Tuesday. But these days I work at G’s pre school and go to the grocery store 39 times a week. The pencil skirt can relax.

4) Versatile. It has to work with 70% of what I already have. This will have to wait.

The first item on my list was the shoe. The shoe that I will wear every single day. The one I can just throw on while I’m holding 54 bags and a carseat. The shoe that is warm in the winter, fine in the rain and cute with my skinny jeans.

ok, the Clarks I have from last year. They are so cute with skinny jeans and BEYOND comfortable. This year I want the black flat Uggs. They are cool enough for jeans but still have that Ugg comfort without looking like a damn house shoe. The other 2 are bonus shoes. A to-die for rainboot and the oxfords of my dreams.


Next is the jeans. I just crave super dark crisp denim in the fall. I’m over my light ripped jeans that I wore every single day until the poop stains got to big and I had to actually wash them. So like a good friend who still has a bit of post baby body, I tried THEM ALL ON FOR YOU. (and sort of for me…but if B asks IT’S REALLY FOR YOU). And I really think I found the motherload of super jeans. To refresh you, my body is a little love handley, a litty poochy, a littly thigh-y but overall sort of petite. And I always have a problem with jeans squeezing my waist but being too big in the butt. I tried on every pair at Nordstrom and these were the winners.

So this isn’t a new brand necessarily or a new style but I tried on many version of this style and they all work. The Paige Skyline cut is really amazing. I tried it when I was a little MORE post baby poochy and it was ok. Now, it’s perfection. Right now I’m really digging skinny straight jeans. Jeans that have a skinny cut but straight around the ankle to be cuffed or left to hang. Like my marriage after this shopping post. But guys, they are so amazing and skinnifying. My suggestion is buy a bunch on Zappos (link above) and return what doesn’t work. It’s free shipping both ways.

Ok, next on the list was the -I’m so cool and flowy and hippie but still awesomely chic- sweaters. Whenever I’m looking for anything that starts with “I’m so cool”, I go to Free People. It’s not cheapo like Old Navy, but I always get quality and compliments. Just don’t buy the 79 dollar t shirts that have tiger fang slashes in them and you’ll be set. Here are my faves.

Ok, I’ll be totally real. I probably won’t get any of these. I die for them, but it’s not in the budget. But IF IT WAS. They would all be gloriously mine. I’m told that this and Anthropologie is for the “credit card hippie”. Yes please.

Next on my must have in my brain list is the PERFECT black blazer. If someone handed me 200 […]

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My “cool” mom picks. Picked by an uncool mom. Also iiiiiit’s THE RUBY SHOW!

August 18, 2013

When I was asked to do the Dawn show, I was asked to bring along my favorite “cool mom picks”. I wasn’t sure if that meant that it had to be picked by a “cool mom” or just cool stuff picked by a regular mom. I was hoping it was the 2nd option because I am not cool. The girl who put wigs on her cat? That girl was cool. I pee in my spanx and watch science shows.


Anyway, I took it seriously. I’m all, shit I need to bring some cool stuff. So I asked a lot of you for companies that you love and I scoured through them all to find the best. Some are old favorites that I had to share and some are new discoveries. At Dawn, they were all, do you think you can talk for a WHOLE 10 minutes about this stuff? (Like worried I wouldn’t have enough to say) I was like, duh I can talk forever, especially about ghosts and black holes. They stared at me for a good 30 seconds after that. then I was like, um, not that we’re talking about that. THAT would be so weird! (awkward laugh).

So when I talked for 28 minutes and a half, I didn’t get to tell you guys about like half of the cool stuff I found. Also I wanted these companies to have some air time. Even if my blog isn’t as big as tv.

None of these companies paid me in anything other than the merch that you see. And that will be donated to a cleft lip/palette little boy. And Ruby will prob keep the dresses. Just saying…

So a few of you asked me to see more of the stuff. So here it is. Some really awesome Stuffs I Like. The link is the picture itself. Oh, and a special surprise at the end.

Boba Air bobairI love love love this carrier. Not only because it folds up into it’s own little bag, but because it’s waterproof. And you know the best place for it? The BABY POOL WITH A TODDLER. Seriously. Your hands are free to save superman from drowning. And you can get super baby totally wet. Best idea, right? Buggy Bench: buggy bench Seriously, when I was preg with G. One of my biggest fears was the grocery store. I figured I’d wear Ruby and put G in the cart, but what about when Ruby was too big and G was too insane? Like the insane type that sprints across the store because we NEED coffee filters to be worn as hats RIGHT NOW. I am a big fan of restraints. This was the answer. SUCH a good idea. ciao baby: ciao baby

We’ve been on a few trips with G where we had to bring an eating device. We tried the kind that hooked onto tables (didn’t work at flimsy plastic tables), we tried regular regular high chairs that took up a ton of space in the trunk and then you guys told me about this. So simple and awesome and wipedownable. Love it. I can’t wait to perch Ruby at her first tailgate.

Little Green Pouch:

green pouch

To be fair, I’m totally jealous of these guys. I submitted a design for this sort of thing to be “invented”. Then I could say I was an “inventor”. Then I could be on shark tank. That’s really all I ever want in life anyway. But these guys beat me to it. And we use the pouches every day. Great to fill with all kinds of secret healthy stuff.

BlaBla Dolls:


Ruby takes her monthly picture with these. They are pricey but special. You can tell by the feel of them. They will last forever.

Pumpin Pals:

pumpinComfort800titleWObook250squareeNow that I’m pumping every 2 hours and every 3 through the night, these things are a life saver. You can actually lean back while using them! They hook on to the flange part and help produce more milk. Great great super. Charlie Dog and friends: charlie dog Based on real-life animal shelter pets, the plush dogs and cats come with a hang tag that describes the real-life pet, and the animal shelter or rescue that benefits from sales.  Each purchase of a full-size pet triggers a $5.00 donation to the shelter from which the real-life pet came. Such a cute and beneficial idea. The animals are super soft too. growing up wild: growing up wild

If you want to be over the top green, this company is your best friend. Because they don’t just use organic fabrics, they use every last scrap of fabric, they walk to ship the stuff and it’s all pre washed in Charlie’s soap. It’s also cute as balls. Baby balls.

salt city emporium:

salt city

They use interlock knit (??) that has been constructed out of 100% organic cotton, with earth friendly inks. But really, the stuff is just cool looking. If you’re one of those people who wants your baby to not be dressed like every other gap or old navy baby (cough cough, us), then this jam is for you. It’s hotness.

Little Hipsqueaks:


You guys know that this place is my fave. I love working with them and it’s Ruby’s real favorite. The quality of the fabrics are super. and the designs are so cute your face dies 100 times. This is my headband resource. But they sell out in hours after […]

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