First thing is usually first. And in this case, WANA update is first. We will be kicking it off right around Thanksgiving. So keep checking.

Next is our winner of the $100.00 Little Hipsqueaks credit. And the randomizer picked:


The question is, what DON’T I love on the LHS site? I stalk it weekly, but have only ordered two headbands so far because they are so popular and sell out. Too dang cute! Love the leggings. And of course, the headbands! Can’t wait to see what is in store for her holiday collection.

I am a longtime reader and WANA stalker. I haven’t been in the place of being able to participate as of yet, and don’t feel like we are in need either. I think you really did make the right decision, and all of us should be able to search our hearts and check the needs out to make our own contributions. This is a great and unique forum to accomplish that.


And as a bonus, Little Hipsqueaks is offering FREE SHIPPING to anyone with the code MODGFREE. YAY!


Now some other stuff.

Guys, I’m sort of an indoor kind of girl. And for that reason, my coats have always been cute little pea coats, or an ironic biker jacket that I totally shouldn’t be wearing at 33 years old, or some cute denim jacket that is meant for someone who doesn’t age from 21, with a big scarf. My outside time is the time from my house, or a store on the way to or from my car. And I’m all it’s coooooold waaaah.

Now I have a boy.

He likes to be outside. Kids are like little fire boxes. They are never cold and they just go. And bonus bonus chicken donuts, I now work at my son’s school once a week and that mean recess duty.

Guys. Recess duty is like some sort of purgatory for moms who ate their kid’s cookie and told them it accidentally fell on the floor. It’s SO COLD. So I decided I need a new coat. I need a warm coat. And I THINK I need a puffer coat.


I HATE PUFFER COATS. I still think of this every time I see one.



But they are the warmest. And I’m determined to find a warm coat that isn’t 1) stupid 2) un-warm and 3) stupid expensive.

And so it’s me vs the internet (and B). Because I maybe ordered 12 coats online and had them all delivered while B was home and also my in-laws were visiting. Isn’t that the kind of wife you all dream of for your sons?

And for you I will share with you my results. And guess what? NO TOILET. I figured I HAD to do this outside so I could really get a feel for what was warm and what was bullshit. No one wants to wear a coat made of bullshit. No one.

I posted on the MODG facebook page about my coat search and asked for your top picks. I realized first of all that there is no such thing as a cheap coat as I imagined. Cheap coats aren’t warm. And warm coats aren’t cheap. So we’re ranging here from 70-ish dollars to a whopping 450 dollars. From your picks, I chose my top 12. TWELVE PUFFER COATS IN MY DINING ROOM.

Here we go.

1) LL Bean Acadia Down $269.00


ll bean acadia down

Ok guys. We’re not starting out so good here. Meet my frienemy, LL Bean’s Acadia Down coat. This coat is a PETITE SMALL. And it’s swallowing me like a barfy whale. As I wore them I said out loud my thoughts and feelings around the coat and hired a staff to take notes and make me look good:


That’s my  mother in law. Trooper right? G is on wind.

Back to the coat. Here are my thoughts:

Scale of 1-5: Warmth: 3. The zipper was hard to zip. Oh and I look like a barf bag. Can I say barf any more times? This is unacceptable in a coat. And also? Pretty pricey if you ask me. To be fair, I should have ordered a petite XS. But I refuse to believe that there is no one smaller than me in the world. NEXT.

2) LL Bean Winter Warmer $109.00


ll bean winter warmer

Looks similar to the first one right? It’s a little shorter, warmth is at a 2 and there is no fur on the hood. OH and it’s perfect for your triangular pregnancy. The zipper on this was also sticky and annoying. When I do anything with my hands, it has to be fast. There is no fumbling around allowed or a baby will crawl face first into the toilet. There IS a drawstring on this to make it a little less triangular, but it’s just not for me. Again, this is a petite small.

3) LL Bean Goose Down Hooded Parka $129.00


ll bean goose down hooded parka

Ok this one is a little bit better Mr. Bean. Again, a petite small and prob could have gone to the xs. The zipper did stick a little on this one too. But it’s covering my butt which is a good thing for warmth and non winter skankiness. There are also pulls on the inside to make it a little bit more fitted at the waist, which is nice. Warmth on this one is a 3. It’s maybe a contender. Style is not barf but it’s not gorgeous. (this is my friend’s 5 year old’s reasoning for not wearing jeans ever. They just aren’t gorgeous. And I agree.)

Last one from the Bean

4) LL Bean Baxter State Parka  $229.00


ll bean baxter

When I pulled this out of the bag, I really liked it. The color is cool. It’s like a navy blue that’s bright with a heather look to it. I liked that it wasn’t super long for my mini body. But now I’m looking at these pictures and I’m all, what 80′s football team am I being recruited for? Also I think it’s mandatory to make a stupid face when you have a fur hood on. I couldn’t NOT do it. The warmth on this is a 5! It’s so warm. And it’s cozy and feels good. I think maybe in an xs it could be better? Sigh….

Moving on from the Bean and onto North Face.

5) North Face Brooklyn Jacket $279.00


north face brooklyn

My wind man busted in my shot. Good thing he’s free. Guys, I kind of like this one. The belt makes it a little cool, a little less frumpy triangle baby. But it’s still not girly girl. Will the belt be annoying? When I’m in a hurry with my hands full of a poop diaper and a backhoe loader, am I going to be all …screw this belt and walk around with it dangling? Probably. But if I didn’t have 2 kids, this could be the winner so far. Warmth is a 4. Size is XS.

6) North Face Keats Down Delux $280.00


north face keats

This is the shortest of all of the coats, and for a petite frame, it’s definitely the most flattering. But I’m told far and wide that butt covering is wear the warmth is at. Apparently our butts radiate butt heat waves. Who knew? Warmth is a 4 though. I also love the color. The sleeves fit too because they have a little underneath stretchy sleeve part to keep the colds out. I really do like this one. Just not sure about the length for warmth.

7) North Face Arctic Parka  $299.00


north face arctic parka

This is the loooongest of the coats. And my oh my is it long. I look dumb. But on a tall leggy thing, this would be the coat. It’s SO warm. Like a 5 for sure. My butt is radiating all sorts of things. But it’s not for a shortay. This is also an XS on me. As a side note, this was also one of the top suggested coats by you guys. Not for me, but definitely for someone. I’m also told this wears well and is easy to clean.

On from the Face and over to Navy.

8) Old Navy Frost Free Tie Belt Coat $75.00


old navy

GOOD JOB OLD NAVY! It’s cute right? I mean the quality is Old Navy and not North Face. I ranked it a 3 on warmth which isn’t sooo bad. The fur on the hood is a little budget, but whatever. I’m not a big fur around my face kind of person anyway. Here’s the thing, the zipper is annoying. It’s not terrible, but it is annoying. And again, I don’t have time for that shit. I need the coat on and we need to go. But if you’re looking for budget, cute, and sort of warm, I approve.

9) Uniqlo Ultra Light Down Coat $89.90



Ok, we need to discuss. First, I know I look like a penis in a ribbed condom. It’s the color. The color bites. But the coat is maybe cute? Now it doesn’t have a hood. I’m personally more of a cute hat kind of person anyway. I think in another color this could work. But the coat itself weighs as much as a piece of paper. I’m serious. You’re like, there is NO WAY this saran wrap condom is going to keep me warm. And then? IT DOES. I don’t understand it. It’s some real witchery or something. But it’s light, sort of cute and butt covering. This is an XS. I MAY exchange this for another color. Just don’t get penis flesh. Warmth is a 3.5

Onto one of my favorite stores, Zara. Known for fashion, not really known for rugged warm type things. We’ll see…


oops. that’s just an adorable baby in my shot.

10) Zara Puffer Jacket with Hood. $179.00


zara puffer jacket with hood

Ahhh, style. This is what the other coats were lacking to me. A sense of style. This coat has really cool sliver hardware and the crazy scary fur detaches from the actual hood which is nice. Warmth is at a 4.5. AND it sort of covers my butt. These are all good things. But do I trust Zara to keep me playground warm? I’m not sure. I am vein and style always matters. But so does other stuff. I think. Size is xs.

11) Zara Combination Wool and Knit Puffer $189.00


zara combination wool and knit puffer

Zara does it again. Cuteness. Although I will say that the hardware in this coat is super shiny fancy gold. Playground appropriate? But the coat itself is adorbs. I love the pull string just in the back to make it more fitted. Warmth is a 3 in this coat. A little less than the one before it. But I love it also. Zara you witchy witchy lady. What do I do?

LAST COAT. We obviously couldn’t leave our our best friend Mr. Crew.

J.Crew Military Parka $350.00

This one’s for my homies.



I couldn’t resist. Also this one was shipped late. Also it’s a no. Don’t get me wrong, it’s sooo nice. Like such nice silky lining, interior drawstring, toggles over buttons, super nice detachable fur hood. But it’s 350 bones. And really? Not all that flattering. But it’s J.Crew and some ironic hipster who isn’t really a hipster because they are shopping at J.Crew, will buy this and put a sequin hot pant with it and look amazefest. And I’ll be jealous. But for now? A no. Also, not that warm. Sorry Mr. Crew. Not today.

ok guys,

Here are my suggestions for you.

Cheapest bestest? Uniqlo. I know there is no hood but wear a cute saggy winter cap. Just don’t get penis colored. It’s super cute and a good price.

Warmest Nicest? North Face Brooklyn Jacket. Yes the belt may get annoying, but it’s also what makes it awesome.

Best style? It’s close between the 2 Zara coats but I’m going with #11, Zara Combination Puffer

What does this all mean for me? I DON’T KNOW. I need YOUR suggestions. Tell me what coat I should buy. They are all accumulating credit card interest in my dining room, so this decision needs to be made right quick.


Here’s a refresher. You can tell that I know how to count.

Go forth, buy coats and be hot.



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Dear West Coast.

It’s Fall here.

In your no humidity face.

Love always,


Do you know how much the MODG family loves fall? We talk about Fall all Fall long. And when we say what we are grateful for at dinner, we say pumpkin beer, and red leaves, and halloween, and football, and chili and mustard. Well, G says mustard. He’s also never had mustard.


Back to Fall. Since it’s still Fall we still need more sweaters and boots. Like a million.

So reality time. You, nor I can afford 700 dollar boots unless we do some seedy thing. Which I may or may not be above doing. HOWEVER, we are respectable ladies in this piece so we are going to talk about *affordable* fall fashion for the mom on the go. I hate that term. momonthego. What mom is NOT on the go? Is there a momlayingdown? Because I’d like to be her.

A lot of you requested a style breakdown for cheapie cheapers. SO…

Here we go. Time to shop bitches.

We are going to address 3 major trends that I’m obsessed with right now. However they all stem back to one major trend:

Looking like a boy.



No, not like that.

Except maybe a little.

I’m obsessed with being a cool tomboy right now. It’s so NOT what I am. And that’s what I like about it. I told B this and he told me that he is excited to see me in a Penn State Jersey “cut for women”. I told him that I would rather be thrown into a flaming pile of cicadas. Thank you.

So. What do I mean by cool tomboy? I want to wear sporty NON JERSEY type things. I want to be the cool farm boy. I want to look like in boarding school. All of those things.

And I need to do it on the cheap. I have a few go-to’s when I need a cheap clothing fix.



Guys, this is pretty much my uniform right now. I know I’m not breaking down fashion walls or anything, but I feel like I’m comfortable and still cute. I’m REALLY into baseball hats that aren’t about teams.

Shirt is via Gap and with the code GAPNEW everything is 30% off right now

Jeans are also Gap always skinnies. My new current affordable fave.

Vest is Old Navy and everything is 20% off now with code ONSAVE20

My super love muffin hat is J.Crew

Sneaks are also J.Crew.

Here are some cute sporty pics that are all under 120. And most are under 50. sports

1) Ok, Gap has had these Always Skinny jeans for years. I tried them on when they first came out. Well years later I tried them on again and I LOVE them. This destroyed pair is the best.

2) This shirt is so cool. Sporty without being too literal. It looks a little vintagey.

3) I’m DYING for this jacket. This is the money piece. I feel like it will make anything look cooler.

4) There it is, the hat that isn’t really a team. Ok Jcrew says it’s some rando team. Which I’m fine with.

5) This is a great layering t. I know you need another t like you need another child. But it’s so cheap and good. Trust.

6) I really REALLY love every single thing about this shirt. The pop of orange rules my face off.

7) Ok this model wears this shirt in an awful sort of way. Picture it all the way unbuttoned, sort of falling off a shoulder with a tank under and skinny jeans. Maybe a long necklace.

8) I’m buying this one hands down.

9) The perfect sneaker that you can wear anywhere any time and look cool.


Next we are another sort of boy

cool mom


I totally love this one. I always want to be more rock and roll because I’m so not. Few things about this outfit. I have the shoes. They are THE best. My now go-to shoe for my skinny jeans in the winter. This v neck t shirt is from Old Navy and is my favorite. It’s perfectly worn in. Fits great. Looks great and is TEN dollars. Buy it a size too big. The moto jacket is totally discount. If you can spring, buy a good one. Zara has a few. But this is a good cheapie. Necklace is madewell and the perfect long necklace. Watch is 50% off now, bracelets.



Oh I love this. love love love. First we need to discuss the pants. I have these and they are SO awesome. This color is the best. It’s a neutral and gives everything a bit of military vibe. If you don’t have a chambray shirt yet, stop what you are doing and buy one. They look good all the time everywhere on everything. Especially cats. Not that Charlie knows about that. Sweater is cool chic whatever. And you obviously can’t be a good man without a good man watch. The bag is from Etsy and sold out. But there are a ton on Etsy like it for around 50 bucks. Just do a good search. Hat is Jcrew and sold out. Shoes are here and almost mine since they are on sale.



Here’s a few extra trends that I’m digging.

1) Just a cool graphic shirt to wear under a more tailored blazer or in any sort of layering is cool. Also, wolfs.

2) I have this dress and I wear it more as a tunic with leggings. I layer the F out of it with sweaters, scarves, vests, belts. You can make it look different every single day of YOUR LIFE.

3) Cool blazer on sale. Urban Outfitters does a good cheaper blazer. This one comes in a bunch of colors. I would buy it a size up. Also wear the denim bra. Dare you.

4) I normally don’t do silky smilky shirts. But I really like this one. And at the price, you can afford to spill some boob milk on it.

5) I LOVE this coat. The leather sleeves are a cool trend that I’m digging.

6) I have a version of this jacket and I wear it non stop



(shoes are my Clarks, sweater is an old Jcrew, jeans are AG)

7) Very cool, very inexpensive sweater.


Here are some good tips when trying to shop these sites on the cheap. At, don’t scour the whole site. I only shop the “Love21″ section. The quality is a little better, the fit isn’t for a 12 year old and the style is a little more upscale boho. You can get through the whole section in 10 minutes instead of the better part of your life.

When shopping Gap Old Navy, I try to stick to basic stuff. Because if you buy that printed crazy thing, there is a good chance you’ll see 40 people wearing it too. Jeans, basic stripes, etc.

At any other cheap-o site like Asos, or Forever21 go crazy. Look for patterns and trends and things that you don’t want to spend a lot of money on since you won’t wear it forever. Get some pattern into your life.

ok guys. Tell me what you love, what you’re buying. I want to hear about your Fallgasms.


We also can’t forget about dressing our babies. Ruby likes Fall too. Her shoes told me so.



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