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FINALLY the Big Boy Room Pictures and source list.

November 5, 2012

Thank you all for your positive stories and advice. I have to admit I’m an emotional mess. I called B this morning at work crying…

Me: I c c c aaan’t have an o o other c c c c sectio o o o n

It’s so hard to stay positive right now. But I’m doing the best I can. So to take our minds off of my vagina and onto bigger and better things, let’s do some big boy room shit. By the way STILL NO SUN. I had like 30 seconds of sun today and I RAN to the room with my camera and the sky was like GOT YOU. It just wanted to see a 39 week pregnant woman run.

So we’re going with what we have because I’m ovah it.

First let’s credit the uber talented, fabulous and foul mouthed MFAMB. If you don’t read her blog, you are foolish. Really. Here’s how it went down every day. She would give me ideas and I’d be like I NEED MORE SPECIFIC INFORMATION. I need you to tell me exactly where to put that frame and where to put the books that go in the box because my brain doesn’t work anymore. And she would. And not call me a nut job. She does this service for people in the world. She is fabulous.

We started with this inspiration, put together by MFAMB:


I loved it and wanted it exactly like this. That didn’t completely happen for reasons which I will explain. But the inspiration to start was great.

Here is the before picture of the room. Our old guest room:

And now the after

BIG BOY ROOM! You’ll see I committed the #1 design crime: ceiling fan. I apologize to the design world but it’s hot. We need a fan. Deal.

 Yep, it’s a lot of orange. That table is fluorescent orange and in the West Elm picture it is the color of sand. Tricky West Elm. Tricky.

I think my favorite element is tied between the awesome vintage dresser find on Craigslist for 60 bucks and the blow up of G picking his nose. Equally great.

All the chachkies we had or were toys that G didn’t play with anymore because they don’t scream songs and light up your face. Of course NOW he wants to play with them. Sorry kid. Sacrifice to the design gods.

Photograph by yours truly. My talents know no bounds.

You’ll see that there are GASP markers and paint in these tins. This is something we call “styling” a picture. Because the second these pictures are over, that shit comes out. I’m no fool, a 2 year old can’t be trusted. Toys and cars will go in them until he can act right.

B built these after only 3 fights and 1 crying session. Win.

That picture is the day B and I first met. And that equation below it is real math.


Books chosen from our house on purpose.

The art is all done by a great friend of ours which I’ll tell you all about

Obv a deer head.

Kids are really the only ones that get tons of pictures of themselves in their own room. I asked B, I can’t do this is my room.

See what happened here?

And there you have it. A complete big boy room. This process started in April and finished TODAY. That is 8 months friends. And I say this because this wasn’t all bought at once and definitely not accomplished all at once with a 2 year old in the house. This was blood sweat and vomit. But I do really have to credit all of the work to B and all of the design to MFAMB. I did nothing. Thank god for that.

Now what you really want. The source list.

Bed: Amazon

Blue zig zag quilt: PB Teen

Stars sheets:  Company Store

Fluffy Pillow: West Elm

Orange quilt:Land of Nod

Table and chairs: West Elm

Tins and wire picture hanger: Ikea

Curtain fabric: Spoonflower

Toy bins: Container Store

Rug: Urban Outfitters

Nightstand: Ikea (expedit single cube)

Nightstand light:Ikea

Ceiling fan: Lowes

Hanging rockets: Land of Nod

Bob Dylan art: Concepcion Designs (a very good friend of ours and insanely talented)

Robot print: All Posters

Rocket Print: All Posters

Dresser: Craigslist bitches!

2 white lamps: Lamps Plus

blue guitar: Amazon

Orange clock: Urban Outfitters (sold out)

deer head: Urban Outfitters

If there is something you see that isn’t on this list it’s because we already owned it. This was work to put together my friends. To thank me, please go visit MFAMB and have her design a room for you. Or have her paint a picture for you. Or have her scour your local craigslist for you for awesome shit OR have her recap American Horror Story for you with MS Paint drawings. Because she does all of that. And she is in commercials. Really.

I hope you like the room as much as we do. No, G isn’t in it yet. We wanted to have it ready for him to get used to before switching him. It will be a few months. So if you want to rent it out for the night, it’s 700 a night.

I take paypal.




Sponsor shout out to Vaccishield. Awesome product that I give to G before his vaccines to make reactions less severe. Packed with vitamins, totally natural and just a powder that looks like cocaine. It’s not. You sprinkle it in their food and magic health fairies arrive. Check them out. I highly recommend. She is giving 15% off with the code MODG at checkout. Woohoo!

Thank you all for your positive stories and advice. I have to admit I’m an emotional mess. I called…

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The 11 steps to getting the best stuff on Craigslist without getting murdered.

September 6, 2012

I feel like every list should include one bullet point on not getting murdered. It’s just good information overall.

Craigslist is amazing. You can find really great shit but it’s a GD pain in the ass. Seriously. The internet has been around longer than Britney Spears and we’re still looking at regular word links without pictures? No. There are better ways. You need to be smarter than everyone else to 1) get the best shit for cheap and 2) not get murdered** (see footnote)

I have had some good success with furniture. This is 30% because I like cool furniture but 70% because we can’t afford to go to a fancy store and buy new stuff. When we moved into our house we literally had nothing. I still have some 1950’s chairs with fabric stapled to them. Cool chairs, lazy reupholstering. But with a little patience and 1.99, you too can be the Mastah of the List.

bought for 60 dollars and completely refinished and repaired by B. It was a ton of work but totally worth it (as I say that and did none of the work)

Bought for 70 dollars and totally refinished already. I thought about changing it, but I like it raw. That’s what she said.


So right now I’m doing G’s big boy room with 110% help from MFAMB. I don’t have the time or energy to do this shit myself anymore and she is a genius who isn’t appreciated enough in her own time. She also says fuck and balls a lot. About furniture. So we work. Don’t get too excited, this is not a reveal yet. But I do need to give her credit. She is the current Mastah of the List. I recommend you read up on her methods too.

11 Steps to become MASTAH OF THE LIST:

1) The App

Right now, stop what you are doing and download Ultimate Craigslist to your phone. It’s an app. It’s like 2 dollars I think. Spring for the non-free one.  I saw an email come in to me from MFAMB about some stuff I needed to check out and at the bottom it said “sent from Ultimate Craigslist”. I downloaded that shit immed and was super happy that I did. It allows you to search multiple cities, with price restriction and your search results include pictures, a brief description and the ability to email the post and email the seller from the app. Craig needs to get on his shit because this app makes the regular list on the dot com site a poop on the floor. PS. G’s new favorite word is dotcom.

1a) The site

If you want to use an old school computer, try Spotli. It’s a search of CL with pictures. I am hesitant to tell you this though because as soon as these sites come out, that old ass Craig finds out and sues them. But it’s good. Use it while it lasts.

2) Searching. Come correct. And think like a grandma.

When you search, know what you want. Example: I wanted dressers. Fancy, vintage, mid century dresser. But I knew that anyone included the words “mid century” or “danish” or maybe even just “vintage”, knew what they had and would charge me for it. My goal was to find the grandma who doesn’t want that old thang anymore and just wants to get rid of it. Chances are, she’s just going to call it a dresser. So guess what? I search in the most general way possible. I only search for “dressers”. The first search will be a bear. Spend like a full hour going through everything. But then every day, at the same time (I did it when G was napping) search again for “dressers” from anything in the last 24 hours. It will take you 15 minutes max and you’ll see everything there is and you’ll be on that shit faster than a Tridelt at a Nordstrom sale.

3) Know your budget and don’t be a whore about it

Ok some days I’d search mid century. And I’d find beautiful things sold by dealers. They were like 300 bucks. Which honestly, isn’t a bad price. I could get a piece of poop that will break in a month from Ikea for 300 bucks. But this stuff is solid wood, refinished to look like a marshmallow unicorn dream. It would be so easy. But I knew I could do better. My budget was no more than 100 dollars and I would not give in until I found it. And I did find it. Many times. But many of those times the dipwads on the other end don’t get back to you and you cry into your pillow about it. Because IT WAS THE ONE. But you keep going. Until you find one that loves you back.

4) Email like an asshole

Ok, don’t be an asshole. But be brief and be vague. You found it. Time to contact the seller. DO NOT WAIT. If you found it, you contact them NOW. If there is a phone number, you call. Don’t email. Grandma doesn’t even do email. She pays her ungrateful son to do it for her. And he’s looking at porn. SO CALL. Ok but if you can’t call, in your email say this:


I’m interested in your dresser for my son’s room from the posting “say what it is exactly”. I live in “local town usa” and can pick it up right away. Is it still available and what would your availability be to come by?

Thanks so much!


See how I did that? She knows I’m a mom (not a bear man looking to steal your walker and VCR). I’m not looking to be an asshole and negotiate (although we’ll get to that) and I can come right away or whatever works for them (flexible). Exclamation points mean friendly. I never use them in real life for obvious reasons. But be brief and don’t go on and on. Get to the point and make that shit happen.

5) Negotiating. A tricky bitch.

Let’s say you found it but it’s like a little out of your range. Be realistic here. If this is amazing, a good price and you’ve been searching for 2 months. Don’t push your luck. 50 other people are going to find it and want to get it now. You will fall to the bottom of the list. BUT but but…let’s say you’re looking for a stroller and there are 14 other of them, feel free to offer a little less. But don’t be a wad about it. After your first email and after they respond you have them as a responsive buyer. Ask them if they would accept 30 dollars instead of 50. Do not ask if they will accept 30 instead of 100. Remember, don’t be a wad.

6) You set a price. They agreed. But you have to pick it up NOW. Because 20 other people are interested.

Yeah he’s probably bullshitting you. But if you really want this thing, you call your husband, make him leave work, get a truck and drive in concert rush hour traffic to the ghetto with cash to get it. If you have a car that can fit what you are buying, you are way better off. HAVE A PLAN. I learned this the hard way after B turned around and came home because he wouldn’t make it to the old man’s house by his 4pm deadline. I think he needed to watch Wheel of Fortune. I didn’t sleep that night thinking everyone would come and buy it before I could. B told me to SETTLE. I told him he wouldn’t know a good mid century deal if he was the host of Let’s Make a Mid Century Deal. Which brings me to our next rule:

7) Don’t piss off your runner. (i.e. husband)

8) Not getting murdered.

This one is important because dead people can’t really enjoy good Craigslist finds. Don’t be dumb. Don’t go by yourself. I would never go to anyone’s house who I didn’t know alone or especially with G. This is hard because B works all day and I sit on my ass watching TLC. But I’m not ready to die over furniture yet. If you have a friend, bring them.

9) Buying shit unseen

Ok, ideally you want to go see it, buy it and bring it home. Sometimes it doesn’t work that way. Like when G is napping and I have to stay here while B drives across the city to pick the thing up. I had to trust B. And trust ME…B doesn’t know this shit. This is my thing. But I was confident in the picture and the listing. I was very specific with B that even if it needed repair, buy it because the price is worth is. Also I would cry otherwise.

10) When NOT to buy

I saw some things that looked amazing online and then got there and they were balls bad. Like all plasticky finish. This is important because if it’s all veneer, it means you can never refinish it. It also means it’s a cheap piece of piece. Don’t be afraid to walk away.

11) You got it.

You got it. YAY! Take a picture and make your friends jealous. Use instagram to make it look even better than it is. You are now Mastah of the List. Make a nametag and a hat. Make your friends say it to you.

I will do another post about selling on Craigslist. Another fine line between $$$ and murder. Isn’t it always that way?

Do you have awesome cl tips that I need to know? Tell me. Soon enough we will have the big boy room reveal. Oh and sorry to disappoint you nursery fanatics. We’re not doing one. Yoshe will be just fine with birds and the owls and whatnot.




**I almost said raped but I don’t want to offend rape victims. I figure murder victims are already dead and can’t harass me.  Unless I’m asking for a haunting. Then I really should have stuck with the rape thing. Maybe one day though I can be on Celebrity Ghost Stories. Ok, sticking with the murder.



i realized today that I forgot to announce the winners of the Honest Tea Giveaway. I’m the worst. Ok here they are. EMAIL ME NOW at modgblog at gmail dot com

Katie E.
Okay, first of all, we are serious Honest Tea addicts in my home. I think my youngest child is 1% Honest Ade, which I would drink while eating homemade hummus, because the store brand was too salty and I loved chickpeas like I loved breathing the whole time I was pregnant. If it is good for you, and in the South, and people drink it, you know it is amazing.

ps – I love Honest Tea. I met some of their employees at a trade show once, and they were all SO nice. They really are a good company.

PS: I love Honest Tea, and would love to try the Limeade. I just wish it was cheaper at the bodegas in NYC!


I feel like every list should include one bullet point on not getting murdered. It’s just good information overall.…

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I disagree, other people’s vacation pictures don’t *actually* rape your face.

July 9, 2012

I’m going to let you in on a little blogging secret.

When bloggers don’t know what to say to you, they just put up a lot of pictures and let you do the work in the comments. You know, like when I’m mad at B for eating my cinnamon buns and he just makes weird faces, hoping I’ll do all the talking. Like that.

Now here’s where things get incredible. You get to look at my vacation pictures. I KNOW. Because when you go to a friend’s house, you’re just like pleeeeease can I just look at your vacation pictures. I especially want to see the 30 that you took of your husband and the 30 that he took of you standing in front of trees. PLEEEEASE.

I’m with you. I get it. You don’t have to beg around here. It’s instant gratification at the MODG blog.

With that I give you our annual family vacation to Lake Gaston, NC. We go every 4th of July week. Come hang out. Or don’t. His family already thinks I’m into some weird internet shit. (totally right)

This is G on the dock. Here’s the thing about docks: toddler free for all. Like at home, at dangerous twists and turns, we have baby gates. Docks are straight up jump pits to your drowning death. I only had like 23 heart attacks. So G and the life vest became very close. Before you ask, it’s from Walmart and I know nothing about it other than it was cheap. You know, the important quality to look for in saving your drowning child.


Here is the fam. I lived on a raft. Tip for pregs and fatties: tell your toddler how awesome it is to ride on the float with mom. Tell them it’s extra awesome riiiight in front of your stomach bloat. Stay like that for 90% of your trip. The other 10% eat 3 bags of swedish fish. What? It’s definitely seafood.

One thing we found out is G’s crazy obsession with boats. Like abnormally loves boats. Like probably would choose one boat ride over a lifetime of hanging out with his own mother. We rode the boat, we drove the boat, we put the key in the boat, we talked about the boat, we softly pet the boat like a kitty, we kissed the boat, and we tried to bring the boat home. So, with that being said, I’m looking for a boat that can sit in my lawn and allow me some real housewife time.

This was the only fishing that I was ok with. Otherwise it’s catfish and eels and loch nesses and I can’t deal with that. Apparently I’m “not fun”

This is a shot to show you either 1) how big my son has grown OR 2) how short I am in real life. I’ll let you make that call.

Sigh. This is my other child. B’s family likes to be soooo funny and talk about how they wonder WHERE G got his love of attention from. Then they give me a side eye type look. And I say HELLO, YOUR SON IS DOING GAY JET SKI DANCE POSES FOR APPLAUSE! And they say, suuuure he is.  (says the girl who blogs for comments and fame)

And this is B’s attempt at a “nice normal picture of the 2 of us”, which he is incapable of. So we have this. And yes, I’m trying out the cool girl tank top cover up. Loved it.

This was G’s 9th version of a boat ride. I’m fairly sure this is illegal or frowned upon by child services. He did however love it so much that he fell asleep in it. Parents, buy a kayak. You’re welcome.

And there she is. YoSHE who has doubled in size by the end of this trip. That or I’m carrying a twin made of Swedish Fish, which let’s be honest, is very possible.

A few other points of note:

1) My cute bathing suit tops that were fitting perfectly before the trip, now barely cover my saucer sized nipples. So that’s super.

2) G now does things only for applause. B is concerned for this trait being passed onto YoSHE. Although there isn’t much applause going on at the pole.


Yes that is a lot of wood on wood. That’s what she said.

3) We leave shortly for our Babymoon (and for those of you who say I can’t say that word, I will call it TripwithoutGandjustmeandBandIhave3panicattacksadayaboutit Trip). I’m ill prepared, super freaked out about leaving G and nothing fits. So all of that is ALSO super.

And that’s all friends.


I’ll be delivering in January and would LOVE a BirthDay Suit gown! I’ve been rocking a tankini (I know, I know…) from Victoria’s Secret since last year….I figure it makes my boobs look great so who’s looking elsewhere?

Laura, contact me at modgblog at gmail dot com asap


My super vacation pictures were brought to you by Make More Friends at Etsy. It’s a store and also a great suggestion for my life in general. She actually became a sponsor after I featured her owl in G’s nursery long ago. Her stuff is adorable and not because she’s a sponsor, because it really is. I already ordered a new one for YoSHE. She is giving away one owl to a commenter. Visit her site and tell me which owl you want and why. Funny answers win points. Duh. For the non funny, get 20% off with the code modgblog20.


I’m going to let you in on a little blogging secret. When bloggers don’t know what to say to…

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At least this time I wrote a real post before whoring myself out for votes. Also B is Tony Danza.

November 23, 2010

December 1st is my first day working for my new boss: Daddy B. Under his employment, I will do my best to earn my keep and earn points which I can trade in for things like lipgloss and nursing bras. Awesome. I get to keep these points on a golden card of credit with my  name on it that gets to stay safe in my wallet. Some things that I think I have to do now for Big Boss B is clean a toilet (no) and cook real dinners from recipes (eh) and brush the cats (vom). The sicker the task the more lipgloss points I get.

I'm obviously Mona. I don't know who the rest of those people are.

Ok, here’s the real deal. I’m going on maternity leave and as I mentioned, my job will basically be paying me in cereal marshmallows while I’m out. That means that B is solely supporting my bulbous ass for 3 months +. Now he’s never like come right out and SAID that I have to do sick tasks to be able to buy things, but that’s how I feel. I’ve always had my own special money and brought enough to the table to warrant necessary purchases like spray tans and tulle skirts. Now that’s all going to change and I’ll be working for the man.

Here are just a few things I probably can’t do at my new job:
1) Play on B’s iPad. Ok listen, I know that I said the MAXiPad was dumb as dirt, but dudes…did you know that there is a game on there where you build malls? Like shopping malls? There is. And I played that shit until I was dizzy and ruled the earth with malls. So yeah, I probably can’t do that at my new job.

2) Re-watch the entire first season of Vampire Diaries. Even though that’s obviously important.

3) Record  13 hour videos of the cats living their lives, put to the song “nuthin but a g thang”

4) Pick out the cereal marshmallows from the cereal, to save money…on cereal marshmallows. (I’m working that into every post I can)

5) Pull my hair back in tighter and tighter ponytails to looks increasingly more asian on a daily basis. Actually maybe I can still do that.

I know that in my last month of being a preg horse, I should enjoy this time and relax and rest. But I just feel guilty, like I need to earn my keep. And maybe like 3% of my thinks I’m auditioning to be a real housewife. And if I pass the test I can be like Nene and Sheree for life. Ok maybe 33%.

Now I KNOW you read this and were like. Wow MODG, how can I help? I’m glad you asked. Someone once said I was a contest whore. So this is me, putting on my whore crown and cape and telling you that the internets are giving me another chance at domination.

The nursery made the top 9 and we only have about 24 hours to vote and get that shit to the winner’s circle. I mean I always dreamed of dominating the nursery world. And it’s so close. The good news is that if you already registered the last time I hoched you, you’re set. The title of the entry is “Into the Woods…if the woods were awesome”. Note that I didn’t say WAS awesome because I get grammar. Even though I first spelled grammar, “grammer”. But that’s spelling so bite me.

Vote here to make all of your wildest dreams come true.

December 1st is my first day working for my new boss: Daddy B. Under his employment, I will do…

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We’re still talking about the nursery, but this time at Hooters, with fire lasers.

November 12, 2010

Since I apparently work at the security equivalent to the Pentagon, I could not update the blog yesterday to let you know that your services are now needed. I am actively enrolled in the Apartment Therapy nursery contest and your duty as virtual friends is calling yet again. Below is my source list for every little thing in the nursery. So go ahead steal it. I’m cool with it. All I ask is that you vote for me to be captain of internet nursery design.



You have to register to vote but just do it. I would do it for you and your fetus.  YOU KNOW I WOULD. The winning entry right now has 224 votes. We only have 24 hours left to vote and we MUST BEAT HER.  It’s a good entry, I’ll admit it. When I saw it was like, man I want that room for my private headquarters. BUT losing is not an option. In fact I made a visual diagram to show you exactly what needs to happen.

What? Too much? Was it the fire lasers shot from my nursery’s hands that pushed it over the edge?

Source List:
Paint: Benjamin Moore Anchor Gray, eggshell finish
Crib: Walmart Baby Mod collection
Changing Table: 30 bucks on Craigslist + 1 case of beer to get B to refinish it.
Glider: Jennifer Delonge
Curtains: Joel Dewberry Fabric, custom made by my awesome curtain lady
Bedding: Joel Dewberry Fabric Modern Meadow, custom made by awesome etsy lady
Wall Trees: Decals from decal guy on etsy
Framed owl art: Matte Stephens Etsy
ABC Print

Bed Mobile
Changing table mobile: Awesome Asian on Etsy
Stacking owls: Russia. Deal with it.
Owl Bookends: Barnes and Noble
Closet boxes: Ikea
Rug: Overstock
Side Table: Overstock
Ceiling light: West Elm
Table light: West Elm
Ottoman: CB2
Stuffed owl on shelf: Etsy
Small green owl print, framed: Etsy
Wooden owl hung on wall: Urban Outfitters
Silver trashcans: World Market

Oh yeah, some of you asked what’s with the owls and why did I choose that element for the nursery. Good question friend of friends.  Back in the day I worked for Hooters and that job meant the world to me and changed my life in so many ways. So I decided that it was important for my son to know that through the art of interior design. See?


You’re welcome. Now vote! Voting on the nursery lasts for 48 hours from entry so you can count on some hoching until you poop your pants with votes.

Oh and don’t forget about this either.  Thanks for being my sparkle bitch 4 life.


Since I apparently work at the security equivalent to the Pentagon, I could not update the blog yesterday to…

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Plankton’s supah fly nursery: where rockstars are made….who like aqua.

November 11, 2010


I’m going to be honest with you. This whole nursery thing was 80% about me and 20% Plank and -70% about B. I like doing stuff. And by stuff I mean making things pretty. Things like parties and weddings and rooms and ugly friends. There is nothing better than taking a bag of shit and turning it into sparkle gems. ALSO I’m going to admit that it was way  hard for me to decorate a boy room. That’s why it’s pretty much not a boy room. And I’m ok with that. So is Plank. He’s a little metro so we worked it out.

Ok enough word vomit. Here’s the room. Also this peep show isn’t free. Please see the end for your payment.

TA DAAAAH! PLANKTON’S SPARKLE WOODS ROOM. See, if I had to live in the woods, I would hope that 1) there would be aqua colored seating and 2) only birds and owls and no other creatures. And like I said, this room is 80% about me. I think boys totally like aqua though. Totally. Also this room is MODGBLOG colored. Win.

That dresser was bought on Craigslist for 30 bucks and refinished by B. This idea was maybe stolen from What? I can steal stuff too. Almost all the chachkies you see around the room are from Etsy. I’ll detail sources later.

Do you want to be  my baby?

That closet was also built by B and the fine people of Ikea. All it takes is a beer and 54 whiney complaints like “but B! puhleeeeease build the clooooseeeeeet?!!” And then magic it happens.

Those are little booties we got for Plankster in Finland. That means it’s better than most stuff so it goes in a frame.

That mobile came straight from Japan from a little man who sits on a lake and makes origami. You think I’m kidding. I’m looking for an inspirational/awesome quote for that owl to say. Taking suggestions.

There’s Plankton’s lullabye and his thumb print tree from the shower. And an owl face, that appears to be scarier than I remember.

More Etsy crap and also Willy posing because this is dignified photography and not that bullshit that Charlie puts up with.

Those stacking owls are from Russia. I think they were 40 million Rupels which is like 2 dollars. Don’t I sound so cultured telling you about my European things?

And there you have it my friends.

I’m sure you have some questions about where I got what. Leave me your questions for sourcing in your comments and I’ll have a list for you by tomorrow. Maybe. I just don’t feel like it right now because I have to cook dinner still and watch my dvr without pants on.


1) I was nominated for best pregnancy blog on The Bump. Please vote for me if you enjoy the education I’ve provided on hemorrhoids, nipple size and stroller safety. VOTE HERE

2) I have Plankton’s room entered in a nursery contest on Ohdeedoh. It’s not published yet but when it is I need ALL HANDS ON DECK. This is one of those bullshit contests where you have to register to vote. But remember how important our friendship is to you and how I stayed up all of those nights holding your hair back while you drunk puke. You owe me.  You can prepare yourself and register here.

And there you have it friends. I give you full permission to copy the shit out of anything you see here and I promise I won’t blow your ass up on my blog. For real. See how sparkly mature I am?




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