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WANA 3.0 is here.

November 29, 2013


The comments are getting to be overwhelming, I know. Many of you are having a hard time finding your original post. This will make it a little easier.

Click on the post to open up all the comments (so they all appear below)

use CNTRL+F and you’ll see a search box open in your screen.

Type in the name you used to post your need. For example if you’re searching for Michelle, it will show you all of the times “michelle” is said on the page.

Click through until you find your own.

If you can’t get a hold of someone that you are communicating with, email me at modgblog at gmail dot com with the original comment and I can look up an email address.

Thanks guys!

Here we are guys. Welcome to WANA version 3.0. A friendlier, happier, positive WANA.

Wana 3.0

WANA started when I feeling particularly assholey one year. To my surprise, I became extremely less assholey when we decided to give a gift card to a reader who seemed like she needed some help (without asking for it). I thought that feeling could benefit everyone. And it did. And it was awesome.

But for those of you who aren’t aware, WANA 3.0 almost didn’t happen. It grew to a level that I couldn’t manage and there were a lot of shade balls present. This year it’s not happening. Well, I’m going to do the best that I can.

WANA started as a way to put our guard down and just remember that we are all people who can help other people. It wasn’t as much about what we were giving but just about the fact that there are people out there who are good and who want to help. Strangers giving and accepting help from other strangers was the spirit of WANA. The spirit of WANA is not begging for a new ipad and complaining about someone else getting more help than you did.

So with that being said, I’ve compiled a small team to help be my eyes. Please, if you have asked for help and posted a need here, do not post again. I have the ability to check for duplicate entries even if a different name and email is used. I will delete duplicates.

Now that the yuck is out of the way, let’s talk about the awesome.

I really want to bring the awesome back to WANA this year. So I’m asking you to please be honest. Please be genuine. Please come here with goodness, acceptance and truth. And for those looking to give, thank you. And please remember, there will always be the bad with the good. But it doesn’t make your good any less good. If we stop giving because of the negative in this world, no one benefits. I’m no angel myself and when someone is shitty, I want to sometimes set them on fire. But I’m trying to learn that it’s not my job to teach them a lesson. Life will do that for them. Or the universe. Or Santa. He has a list you know.

A few things I’d like you to read before posting. Trust me, it will make everything go smoothly for everyone.

************How to ask for help**********

  1. Post a comment below. Your name can be anonymous if you’d like. The field for email address only shows to me. I’d prefer that be your actual email address in case I need to reach you.
  2. In your comment at the top, please post just like this : ***IN NEED*** that makes your comment stand out as a need that someone can reply to with help
  3. Please include in your comment a way to reach you. Post your email address as: mary AT gmail DOT com to prevent spam. If you’d like to, open a new email address just for WANA to stay truly anonymous.
  4. You’ll do best to leave open ended requests. i.e. don’t ask for a check for 500 dollars. People were helped much more with toys for their kids, warm clothes, gift cards, etc..

*************How to help***********

  1. Reply to an **IN NEED** comment with whatever you’d like to offer.
  2. I HIGHLY recommend that if you need to provide an email address, create a new one just for the purposes of WANA.
  3. If you’ve offered help and you see that this person has later received MANY offers, I just suggest asking the individual off line if it’s ok for you to help someone else, since they seem to be taken care of.
  4. Find a need that speaks to you. If you aren’t comfortable giving away a gift card, find someone looking for used clothes or toys. I know it’s harder to ship, but it’s 99.9% honest.
  5. Please do not post any **TO GIVE**. It becomes much too confusing to match anyone up.
  6. Gift cards are easy. If you’d rather go that route, get an email address and start a dialogue before you offer anything. Find out about their family and their need. And then trust your gut. once pair up with someone in need, I can’t help you. It’s really an act of good faith. Think of it like finding a pen pal
  7. Set expectations up front. Many people felt bad that they were never “thanked” by the person who received the gift. I do understand that feeling. But it’s not a requirement when you’re given charity. So if you’d like a picture, or a thank you, or a follow up. Ask for it up front.


This is a child who benefited from WANA the first year. Please remember that this is what it’s about.

It’s also about amazing moustaches.

The blog will continue on throughout the  month, but I will link to the post up top in the ad section. Good luck and GO WANA.

Thanks again to our WANA sponsor this year Little Hipsqueaks. The cutest best baby clothes on this here planet.





***WANA UPDATE***  WANA ENDING DECEMBER 23RD**** The comments are getting to be overwhelming, I know. Many of you are…

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Racism, bullying, and awkward haircuts. All happening right now at my high school and they need our help.

November 23, 2013

Guys. This is me in high school.

hs junior

plus a jazzy background.

It was 1998. I was a junior. Britney Spears was skinny. I had a perfectly perfect chin length bob that doubled as a face helmet. I had a steady boyfriend. I had 3 best friends who would sing Spice Girl’s lyrics with me at lunch. I was in choir, the History Club (for the free trip), and the school newspaper. I wasn’t a nerd but I wasn’t the coolest of the cool. I was insecure and just trying to blend in. Just like the rest of high school dopes. All just trying to get by in one piece.

Now it is 2013 and my high school is still standing and educating girls in bra tops and boys in whatever boys wear, while everyone learns via robot teachers and laser beams that shoot knowledge into student’s heads. I’m pretty sure that’s what happens in high schools now. But something else is different too…

You may have heard my high school’s name in the past week or so. It’s been in the NY Times, Huffington Post and even on ESPN. They are talking about a hot button that has been discussed for years and years and years. And finally, a group of brave kids wanted to do something about it.

Here is the cover of that yearbook from 1998.

hs yearbook

What’s wrong with this picture? I bet a lot of you will say nothing. We’ve sort of been taught after 100 million Thanksgivings and Halloweens that nothing IS wrong with this. But what if it was a different picture and it said Blackskin? Or Yellowskin? Would you see something wrong then?

The word “Neshaminy” refers to a Native American tribe that resided where I grew up. There is a mall named after them too. And as long as the school has been there, they have been the Neshaminy Redskins. Just a brief history lesson (I learned it in History Club….please) the term “Redskin” is what us whities called Native Americans because of the paint that they would use on their faces. It’s derogatory. Plain and simple. No matter how you use it. For example, “that Redskin is sooo awesome!” Still derogatory. It’s objectifying a group of people.

Well, the editors at the Neshaminy school newspaper, The Playwickian, decided that they weren’t going to publish the word “Redskin” anymore in the print of the actual paper. Instead, they would just refer to the football team and other school teams as “Neshaminy.” They wrote this piece stating why. And it was brave. Because they knew there would be backlash. But they just didn’t know how much.

After they made this decision, the principal of the school declared that they MUST print the word “Redskin”. That they actually are not “allowed” to NOT print the word. Um, what? The principal doesn’t feel that Redskin is a racist term in any way and is shoving their first amendment rights up his racist principal butt. And hence we have a huge hot debate going on within the school and now the state and the country and also the universe.

Does this totally sound like a weird episode of Glee or is it just me? Granted, that’s my only exposure to any high school anymore, but come on. A racisty squirly principal telling a bunch of kids, who are standing up for what they  believe in, that the school will take away their bus for their trip to nationals followed by a rendition of Don’t Stop Believing??? I  mean…. You get it.

But it hasn’t ended here. The kids at school who made this decision are being bullied. Football players are ripping copies of the paper in their faces. Grown ass adults are attacking them on Twitter. And to top it off, a full page ad in the school newspaper was taken out by the class of 1972 saying some bullshit about school, tradition and “GO SKINS”. Just to pretty much tell the kids to shove it. And no one is helping these kids.



These kids aren’t trying to take away a school mascot (although they SHOULD. Or someone should.). They just don’t want to print the word in the paper. National papers have done the same with the Washington Redskins. But we’re not talking about a team with billion dollar merchandising deals. We’re talking about a high school mascot. Do you really give a shit if the mascot changes to the Neshaminy Tigers, or the Neshaminy Squirrels or the Neshaminy Racists? Wait that last one would be offensive. And we wouldn’t want to project to the world that the high school is racist, WOULD WE?

So after a big open forum and meeting at the school with the administration and the students, an agreement was not reached and now it’s going to the school board. These kids are standing up for what they believe in and they aren’t getting any real support.

Well I want them to know that a little insecure junior girl from 1998 supports them. In 1998 I wrote some weird weird shit for the paper. Most of it was never published because they would look at me like, “what is wrong with her? We can’t publish a hate piece on Winnie the Pooh. That’s weird” But sometimes my weird stuff was published. And that was exciting….seeing your words written for everyone to read.

And here we are in 2013 and I make my living writing weird shit for everyone to read. Thank you Neshaminy and thank you Playwickian.

I hope that you will support these editors like I do. It takes guts to work for the school newspaper and do things that others don’t like. Just like AHndreAH Zuckerman and Brandon Walsh did

You may be reading this and still disagree with me. You may think that the term Redskin isn’t offensive. You may think that tradition is more important. You may have some argument about football and recognition and team spirit.

None of that is as important as respect. And the Native Americans deserve it. And so do the editors of this school paper.

I want this to get as much attention as possible. What this principal and these administrators are doing is wrong. For those of you who do agree with me, I need you in full force attention getting mode.

I want you to tweet/facebook/instagram/whateverthehellyoudo with the hashtags #theRword and tag @theplaywickian. You can follow them on twitter and give them encouragement here.  

Write to the school board. Tell them they are shitheads. Don’t use those words. You know how to act.

And I’ll leave you with this.

This openly gay Neshaminy student posted this and was voted class president.  And I’ll be voting him president of the world.


Go Neshaminy.


Guys. This is me in high school. plus a jazzy background. It was 1998. I was a junior. Britney…

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The Warmest, Cheapest, Cutest, Bestest Coats of the year. And also some others that are meh.

November 18, 2013

First thing is usually first. And in this case, WANA update is first. We will be kicking it off right around Thanksgiving. So keep checking.

Next is our winner of the $100.00 Little Hipsqueaks credit. And the randomizer picked:


The question is, what DON’T I love on the LHS site? I stalk it weekly, but have only ordered two headbands so far because they are so popular and sell out. Too dang cute! Love the leggings. And of course, the headbands! Can’t wait to see what is in store for her holiday collection.

I am a longtime reader and WANA stalker. I haven’t been in the place of being able to participate as of yet, and don’t feel like we are in need either. I think you really did make the right decision, and all of us should be able to search our hearts and check the needs out to make our own contributions. This is a great and unique forum to accomplish that.


And as a bonus, Little Hipsqueaks is offering FREE SHIPPING to anyone with the code MODGFREE. YAY!


Now some other stuff.

Guys, I’m sort of an indoor kind of girl. And for that reason, my coats have always been cute little pea coats, or an ironic biker jacket that I totally shouldn’t be wearing at 33 years old, or some cute denim jacket that is meant for someone who doesn’t age from 21, with a big scarf. My outside time is the time from my house, or a store on the way to or from my car. And I’m all it’s coooooold waaaah.

Now I have a boy.

He likes to be outside. Kids are like little fire boxes. They are never cold and they just go. And bonus bonus chicken donuts, I now work at my son’s school once a week and that mean recess duty.

Guys. Recess duty is like some sort of purgatory for moms who ate their kid’s cookie and told them it accidentally fell on the floor. It’s SO COLD. So I decided I need a new coat. I need a warm coat. And I THINK I need a puffer coat.


I HATE PUFFER COATS. I still think of this every time I see one.



But they are the warmest. And I’m determined to find a warm coat that isn’t 1) stupid 2) un-warm and 3) stupid expensive.

And so it’s me vs the internet (and B). Because I maybe ordered 12 coats online and had them all delivered while B was home and also my in-laws were visiting. Isn’t that the kind of wife you all dream of for your sons?

And for you I will share with you my results. And guess what? NO TOILET. I figured I HAD to do this outside so I could really get a feel for what was warm and what was bullshit. No one wants to wear a coat made of bullshit. No one.

I posted on the MODG facebook page about my coat search and asked for your top picks. I realized first of all that there is no such thing as a cheap coat as I imagined. Cheap coats aren’t warm. And warm coats aren’t cheap. So we’re ranging here from 70-ish dollars to a whopping 450 dollars. From your picks, I chose my top 12. TWELVE PUFFER COATS IN MY DINING ROOM.

Here we go.

1) LL Bean Acadia Down $269.00


ll bean acadia down

Ok guys. We’re not starting out so good here. Meet my frienemy, LL Bean’s Acadia Down coat. This coat is a PETITE SMALL. And it’s swallowing me like a barfy whale. As I wore them I said out loud my thoughts and feelings around the coat and hired a staff to take notes and make me look good:


That’s my  mother in law. Trooper right? G is on wind.

Back to the coat. Here are my thoughts:

Scale of 1-5: Warmth: 3. The zipper was hard to zip. Oh and I look like a barf bag. Can I say barf any more times? This is unacceptable in a coat. And also? Pretty pricey if you ask me. To be fair, I should have ordered a petite XS. But I refuse to believe that there is no one smaller than me in the world. NEXT.

2) LL Bean Winter Warmer $109.00


ll bean winter warmer

Looks similar to the first one right? It’s a little shorter, warmth is at a 2 and there is no fur on the hood. OH and it’s perfect for your triangular pregnancy. The zipper on this was also sticky and annoying. When I do anything with my hands, it has to be fast. There is no fumbling around allowed or a baby will crawl face first into the toilet. There IS a drawstring on this to make it a little less triangular, but it’s just not for me. Again, this is a petite small.

3) LL Bean Goose Down Hooded Parka $129.00


ll bean goose down hooded parka

Ok this one is a little bit better Mr. Bean. Again, a petite small and prob could have gone to the xs. The zipper did stick a little on this one too. But it’s covering my butt which is a good thing for warmth and non winter skankiness. There are also pulls on the inside to make it a little bit more fitted at the waist, which is nice. Warmth on this one is a 3. It’s maybe a contender. Style is not barf but it’s not gorgeous. (this is my friend’s 5 year old’s reasoning for not wearing jeans ever. They just aren’t gorgeous. And I agree.)

Last one from the Bean

4) LL Bean Baxter State Parka  $229.00


ll bean baxter

When I pulled this out of the bag, I really liked it. The color is cool. It’s like a navy blue that’s bright with a heather look to it. I liked that it wasn’t super long for my mini body. But now I’m looking at these pictures and I’m all, what 80’s football team am I being recruited for? Also I think it’s mandatory to make a stupid face when you have a fur hood on. I couldn’t NOT do it. The warmth on this is a 5! It’s so warm. And it’s cozy and feels good. I think maybe in an xs it could be better? Sigh….

Moving on from the Bean and onto North Face.

5) North Face Brooklyn Jacket $279.00


north face brooklyn

My wind man busted in my shot. Good thing he’s free. Guys, I kind of like this one. The belt makes it a little cool, a little less frumpy triangle baby. But it’s still not girly girl. Will the belt be annoying? When I’m in a hurry with my hands full of a poop diaper and a backhoe loader, am I going to be all …screw this belt and walk around with it dangling? Probably. But if I didn’t have 2 kids, this could be the winner so far. Warmth is a 4. Size is XS.

6) North Face Keats Down Delux $280.00


north face keats

This is the shortest of all of the coats, and for a petite frame, it’s definitely the most flattering. But I’m told far and wide that butt covering is wear the warmth is at. Apparently our butts radiate butt heat waves. Who knew? Warmth is a 4 though. I also love the color. The sleeves fit too because they have a little underneath stretchy sleeve part to keep the colds out. I really do like this one. Just not sure about the length for warmth.

7) North Face Arctic Parka  $299.00


north face arctic parka

This is the loooongest of the coats. And my oh my is it long. I look dumb. But on a tall leggy thing, this would be the coat. It’s SO warm. Like a 5 for sure. My butt is radiating all sorts of things. But it’s not for a shortay. This is also an XS on me. As a side note, this was also one of the top suggested coats by you guys. Not for me, but definitely for someone. I’m also told this wears well and is easy to clean.

On from the Face and over to Navy.

8) Old Navy Frost Free Tie Belt Coat $75.00


old navy

GOOD JOB OLD NAVY! It’s cute right? I mean the quality is Old Navy and not North Face. I ranked it a 3 on warmth which isn’t sooo bad. The fur on the hood is a little budget, but whatever. I’m not a big fur around my face kind of person anyway. Here’s the thing, the zipper is annoying. It’s not terrible, but it is annoying. And again, I don’t have time for that shit. I need the coat on and we need to go. But if you’re looking for budget, cute, and sort of warm, I approve.

9) Uniqlo Ultra Light Down Coat $89.90



Ok, we need to discuss. First, I know I look like a penis in a ribbed condom. It’s the color. The color bites. But the coat is maybe cute? Now it doesn’t have a hood. I’m personally more of a cute hat kind of person anyway. I think in another color this could work. But the coat itself weighs as much as a piece of paper. I’m serious. You’re like, there is NO WAY this saran wrap condom is going to keep me warm. And then? IT DOES. I don’t understand it. It’s some real witchery or something. But it’s light, sort of cute and butt covering. This is an XS. I MAY exchange this for another color. Just don’t get penis flesh. Warmth is a 3.5

Onto one of my favorite stores, Zara. Known for fashion, not really known for rugged warm type things. We’ll see…


oops. that’s just an adorable baby in my shot.

10) Zara Puffer Jacket with Hood. $179.00


zara puffer jacket with hood

Ahhh, style. This is what the other coats were lacking to me. A sense of style. This coat has really cool sliver hardware and the crazy scary fur detaches from the actual hood which is nice. Warmth is at a 4.5. AND it sort of covers my butt. These are all good things. But do I trust Zara to keep me playground warm? I’m not sure. I am vein and style always matters. But so does other stuff. I think. Size is xs.

11) Zara Combination Wool and Knit Puffer $189.00


zara combination wool and knit puffer

Zara does it again. Cuteness. Although I will say that the hardware in this coat is super shiny fancy gold. Playground appropriate? But the coat itself is adorbs. I love the pull string just in the back to make it more fitted. Warmth is a 3 in this coat. A little less than the one before it. But I love it also. Zara you witchy witchy lady. What do I do?

LAST COAT. We obviously couldn’t leave our our best friend Mr. Crew.

J.Crew Military Parka $350.00

This one’s for my homies.



I couldn’t resist. Also this one was shipped late. Also it’s a no. Don’t get me wrong, it’s sooo nice. Like such nice silky lining, interior drawstring, toggles over buttons, super nice detachable fur hood. But it’s 350 bones. And really? Not all that flattering. But it’s J.Crew and some ironic hipster who isn’t really a hipster because they are shopping at J.Crew, will buy this and put a sequin hot pant with it and look amazefest. And I’ll be jealous. But for now? A no. Also, not that warm. Sorry Mr. Crew. Not today.

ok guys,

Here are my suggestions for you.

Cheapest bestest? Uniqlo. I know there is no hood but wear a cute saggy winter cap. Just don’t get penis colored. It’s super cute and a good price.

Warmest Nicest? North Face Brooklyn Jacket. Yes the belt may get annoying, but it’s also what makes it awesome.

Best style? It’s close between the 2 Zara coats but I’m going with #11, Zara Combination Puffer

What does this all mean for me? I DON’T KNOW. I need YOUR suggestions. Tell me what coat I should buy. They are all accumulating credit card interest in my dining room, so this decision needs to be made right quick.


Here’s a refresher. You can tell that I know how to count.

Go forth, buy coats and be hot.



First thing is usually first. And in this case, WANA update is first. We will be kicking it off…

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Will there be Operation WANA 3.0?

November 11, 2013

The answer? Keep reading.

For those of you who follow the MODG train on the book of faces, you know that I was conflicted with this decision. And for those of you who are new readers, let me back up even further.

Operation WANA is our annual outreach to help the community. And by community, I mean you guys, the readers. It grew sort of organically after I sent a gift card to a reader who needed help, but wasn’t really asking for help. It made a big difference to her and her family and I wanted that sort of spirit to spread to the MODG community as well.

So it grew…big. Readers posted if they needed help (clothes for growing kids, a Baby Alive doll for a little girl who really wanted one from Santa, or just a gift card to the grocery store). It was awesome.

Year 2. It was bigger. But better? I don’t think so. And you probably don’t either. See, the one thing that WANA needs to be successful is trust and honesty. I know, you laughed out loud. Honesty on the internet. It doesn’t really exist. But that first year was magical, because it was small. And people as far as I know, were pretty honest. Year 2 we had fraud. We also had greed. And the spirit was sort of dying. I felt sad about it. I didn’t even really want it on my blog.

But then. Then I started to get the emails. I got hundreds of emails from people whose family had Christmas morning because of WANA. I read about people who could feed their family because of WANA. How could I just take that away?

And the answer is, I’m not taking it away. I am just changing my perspective and I hope you will too.

As in the rest of the world, there is good and there is bad. We’re going to have to work together to find the good. And I will do the best I can to weed out the bad.

People will post as usual with “needs”. And it’s up to you to decide if you want to help them. Here are my suggestions to you as you make this choice. I don’t take giving away money or really anything lightly and you shouldn’t either.

-Find a need that speaks to you. If you aren’t comfortable giving away a gift card, find someone looking for used clothes or toys. I know it’s harder to ship, but it’s 99.9% honest.

-Gift cards are easy. If you’d rather go that route, get an email address and start a dialogue before you offer anything. Find out about their family and their need. And then trust your gut.

-And with that, open up a new WANA email address. If you don’t want someone to have your email address who may  abuse it in any way, it takes 2 seconds on gmail to get an additional email address that you can use just for that communication.

-Set expectations up front. Many people felt bad that they were never “thanked” by the person who received the gift. I do  understand that feeling. But it’s not a requirement when you’re given charity. So if you’d like a picture, or a thank you, or a follow up. Ask for it up front.

-There will be a lot of posts. I can’t police them all. If you the reader sees something that looks fishy, email me personally at modgblog at gmail. I have the ability to see how many times a commenter has posted regardless of what name or email they use. I also can ban people from commenting. So if you see something fishy, let me know.

I’m posting all of this now because you guys are my readers. As soon as real WANA is up, we get a lot of people who aren’t regular readers here. Some are good and truly in need, and some aren’t. You guys are the core who I want to help, who I want to benefit and who I need to help be eyes and ears.

WANA truly does a lot of good. It’s individual charity for individual families. It feels really good to help and it’s great for families who need help.

I can’t take that away. If you aren’t comfortable, I understand that. For those of you are on the fence, take a look at the needs this year and see what you can do.


This little face is one of my favorite WANA recipients. WANA is personal which makes it great.

And now, in honor of the spirit of WANA our first WANA giveaway is from Little Hipsqueaks who are the official sponsors of WANA 3.0 this year. And they want to giveaway ONE HUNDRED DOLLARS to their shop. Did you hear me say that? $100!!

Um I want to win.


Little Hipsqueaks is my absolute favorite retailer of kids clothes including all that crap at Nordstrom and other fancy places. Their quality is amazing and the style is adorbs. They now have an expanded selection of clothes. It makes the best gift.

Visit their site and tell me what you want to win. Also tell me your honest thoughts on WANA and if you have any suggestions for improvement. I’d love to hear from you guys.

The answer? Keep reading. For those of you who follow the MODG train on the book of faces, you…

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Awesome things, Mom Stuff, Not Pleased, Stuff I like, You think you know but you have no idea

MODG is actually Amanda and surprise, she has feelings.

August 21, 2013

Guys, last week I almost shut the blog down. For good.

The controversy and mom wars was just too much. I sat alone and thought about it for a while. My blog hits were higher than ever. Advertisers wanted in. But I was miserable. I was personally hosting the mommy wars in my comments section with *almost* ever post I wrote. And I hated it.

I realized that I would rather have 10 positive happy comments and low readership than a bunch of angry fighting bitches. It just felt bad.

I started this blog years ago talking about the importance of not wearing pants and B’s farts. Not much to take personally. Now? Now I have children. Decisions are bigger, they mean more. Being called an annoying bitch is not the same as being called a terrible mother. No matter who it comes from, it hurts.

And it would hurt you too because we all care so much about being a good mom. And that’s the draw of the mommy wars. We feel threatened.

The other day I read a Huffington Post article about how not to raise a whiny bratty kid. It was mostly like, don’t give them whatever they want. Duh. But at the end of the article the author in a tongue and cheek sort of way said:

 Your food won’t be all organic. Yes, I used formula. Walk to school. There is no second breakfast or special dinner for you. I don’t do grocery cart covers or antiseptic wipes. I don’t care if that kid took your toy, get it back yourself, that’s street justice. I don’t care if the neighbor sneezed on you, the flu happens. Time out occurs at anytime or anywhere, so be on alert.”

And I froze. I felt myself tense up. I felt the comment forming in my head…

“eating organic and breastfeeding is about health and not spoiling a child….” the comment goes on and on in my head. But I literally felt shakey. Like I HAD to defend my opinion and let it be known right here. Everything I believed in felt threatened at that very moment. Everything I worked my ass off to do for my kids health was being made into a joke.

And then I realized. Yes. I felt threatened. THREATENED. That’s what you guys feel too. You feel that when I talk about something I believe in that may threaten you as a mother. And we all handle that feeling differently. Some of you immediately go to a ‘fuck you’ kind of place. Some of you type novels about why I’m wrong and another perspective to consider. And I get it. Now I get it. Because I felt it.

But here’s the thing. Despite me “getting it”. I also can tell you that I’m not the Huffington Post. I’m Amanda, age 32, mom of 2….trying the BEST that I can. And whether it’s justified or not, the hurt I feel from the overload of negativity (not just directed at me, but directed at each other) is overwhelming.

After posting, I would dread hearing the *ding* from my email telling me a new comment was in. Was it going to say how awful I was? That B should find a new wife? That I needed therapy? That I’m not fit to raise dogs, let alone children? (all actual comments). And maybe maaaaaaaybe I could handle the comments. But what I hate the thought of is my parents reading these comments, B’s parents, our aunts, uncles, cousins, friends and maybe one day my own children. I would hate to see a barrage of angry people attacking MY mother too.

So what do I do from here? Stop blogging all together? The blog is such a big part of who I am and so many people email me daily saying how their kid sleeps better now because of something I wrote, or their pregnancy sucks and they know they aren’t alone, or they have post partum depression and know that it’s ok. That to me makes me do my best to suck it up and forge ahead.

Do I stop blogging about my children? Not all together. But I will maybe be a little more selective about what I say to the world. I still think 38 people read this blog and it’s just not the case anymore.

I can’t change the world. I can’t change every person that reads this blog. But in this very moment, I can put a little positivity into all of us.


I’m giving away the most coveted, hard to get baby item out there. THE LITTLE HIPSQUEAKS HEADBAND.

Not just one, but two.


With matching shorts.

I know, you’re all….how does that make any impact on anything at all ever?

Well, to enter the giveaway, you must leave a very special sort of comment.

I want you to think about a mother you know either personally, on tv, or even me. Think about something that the mother does that you would NEVER do. And I want you to accept her as a mother and say something positive about her.

I’ll start:

A friend of mine feeds her kid cookies, candy, cereal with bright colors and marshmallows, shit I would never DREAM of buying for my children. But her kid is happy and healthy and she is a happy mother. In reality, it probably bothers me the most because I wish I could take shortcuts and give my kids whatever they wanted to eat. I also would love to see them have that kid moment of happiness to have “treats”. She’s a good mother and we just do things differently.

Now it’s your turn. Maybe go back to the comments of a particularly hateful mommy war and find someone who really made your blood boil. Say something positive about her as a mother.

I will choose the winner from the comments.

Let’s all spew some love for just 10 minutes of our lives. Who knows the impact it may have.

I hope it has some. I know I could use some positivity right now.

Love and Lust and mommy peace,


Update…comments now closed to get our winner. Thanks all for your amazing comments and thoughtful words.

Guys, last week I almost shut the blog down. For good. The controversy and mom wars was just too…

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Awesome things, babies, Britney, I heart TV, I should be famous, Not Pleased

A pageant crown, mutated DNA and the TV. a glorious trio.

August 14, 2013

Where to begin…

This blog and you guys have definitely taken a backseat over the past few months. Most of my free time is spent pumping or cooking. It’s bites, but it’s life. I have 3 more months and then life can get a little bit more normal.

Both Ruby and G were tested to be homozygous for MTHFR mutations. I know…what the hell am I talking about. It looks like motherfucker for a reason. It’s a bitch. It’s so complicated, I’ll be going back to college to actually pay attention in class and figure this shit out. BASICALLY it means that their bodies flush out toxins or “methylate” at a rate of 30% what normal people do. This means they can react to their foods, environment, vaccines, pretty much anything that goes into their body. The reaction can be different for everyone. Some people don’t develop reactions until they are much older. Some kids develop ADHD, Autism, and a whole slew of other problems. It’s scary shit. I’m not saying that this mutation CAUSES all of this nonsense, but something like 98% of kids who have these issues, also have these mutations.

So. That means? I’m doing everything I possibly can to not be over the top insane crazy about this. It’s a crazy rabbit hole that I’m afraid to go down. I don’t want to be psycho mom that is policing everything they touch, do and eat. But I also want to take this seriously and give them the best shot that they can have to stay healthy.

It’s been a lot to handle.

And I’ve felt pretty depressed about the whole thing and the work it takes to make foods from scratch and pump 8 times a day including in the middle of the night.

And because of that, this blog has suffered. It’s hard for me to find the bright side and come here to talk nonsense with everyone. Although, I know that’s what I need. I need to try and see the bright side and try and find a way to live normally with all of this information.

So that’s what I’m going to try and do. Just please know that this blog and you guys have not been forgotten about. I often give quick life updates via the MODG facebook page and instagram page (I still think twitter is a whore). So that’s your best way to stay connected…if you care about cats and diapers. You know, good stuff.

So I owe you all some updates.

Please meet Ruby Lee, Phoenixville’s 3rd place winner in the Kimberton Baby Contest



At first Ruby was like WHAT? 3RD PLACE? And then we had a talk about Britney and Christina and not being appreciated in your own time and coming out on the top later in life. She was like…what? And I was like, it’s pretty much like pulling for a higher title in a few years. She’s like, oh…I got it. So we’re cool.

Also, yes, we were on tv. It was a very surreal experience. Like, ME? you want to put ME on tv? So yeah, the interview wasn’t the most compelling piece of news drama this year. But it was cool for me and my family and something that I’ll probably never get to do again…outside of maybe hosting the Emmy’s.


I got to have hair and makeup. THAT made me feel famous. I arrived with like 43 lbs of makeup already on though so the makeup guy was all…um…you’re not a kardasian. Right.


But let’s get real here. Bringing a toddler to a tv studio is not something I’d recommend in regular life. Although G loved every second of it. He saw himself “on tv” and was sold. I’m in trouble.


And then, on my BIG DAY. What do you know? Cole Hamels steals the show. Again. They see B and are all…wait. Her husband is here? That’s him? He looks like Cole Hamels? Get him on the show. NO PROBLEM B. I’LL JUST SCOOT OVER.


The show is called Dawn. In case you weren’t sure. I was pretty nervous.





Here are the clips. I was so bummed that they didn’t get to feature all of my products. I’m going to be doing a follow up post talking about each product and showing an exclusive amazing B produced video featuring the products we didn’t get to. It will be the B! show. You’ll love it.

Someone said it seems like I’m high. Probably my favorite comment ever. I would be very impressed with a high guest if I saw one. Just me though…

Few things. I don’t have a background in marketing. I felt bad correcting her. Also, some of you said you tried to call and were sent to a voicemail. Yeah, I don’t know. Also I guess I’m officially a “mommy blogger”. That term still makes me a little vomitty. I don’t know why. Martinis MODG would have full on puked. I need to accept it. I also need to accept my permanent preg stomach and grays. Barf.

So, this has been a weird post. Pageants, TV and DNA. That’s what you get on the MODG show. You’d watch it right?

I’ll be around. I promise. Be patient with me.
Stay tuned for the weirdest video I’ve ever made.

Love and Lust


PS If you know anything about MTHFR and can share your smarts, please tell me in the comments. I need mucho help.

Also I’ll take pageant comments too.


Where to begin… This blog and you guys have definitely taken a backseat over the past few months. Most…

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