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guys...WANA. Where do I begin. It’s been awesome. I’ve felt very close to it this year. I’m amazed at everyone’s selflessness. It’s really awesome to see. We have such wonderful success stories that I can’t wait to share with you in our recap post.

I need you all to know though that this year’s WANA will end on the 23rd. WANA will be back next year. Great work everyone and for those of you who have received help and are comfortable doing so, please send me pictures and I’ll post them in the recap. Success stories without pictures are welcome too.

Please keep checking though. I’ll continue to post those needs who haven’t been met yet.


I’m going to wrap up our what-the-f-do-i-get-this-person for said holiday, series in one post. Why? Because Ruby is a baby and knows nothing of Christmas. I wish someone smacked me and told me that when G had just turned one. Parents, save your money. Seriously. And B and I? We don’t want or need much. Well, ok I want everything always. But we don’t need much. But I’m here to help and a gift list you shall receive.

**the pictures are not the links, the links are in the body of the text in orange***

Let’s start with my little red jewel, Miss Ruby.

12 month gifts


This list was researched after going through 2 babies of year 1. I know what they dig. They mostly dig floor food and electric cords, but if you don’t feel like buying that, get this stuff.

1) Prince Lionheart Wheely Bug: So I thought about this when G was 1 and I passed because it’s not free. And an empty box is free. But, I’ve since seen kids with these things and they love them. The kids FLY on them as they get older and use their legs to propel themselves all over town. And really? That bee? adorbs.

2) Fisher-Price Cruise and Groove Ballapalooza: One key about buying for a little sibling is finding something that the older sibling would think is fun too. Although then you get into MINE NO MINE NO MINE. But you win some you hide in the laundry room for some. This scream rainy day to me. Mostly because you get it in this big box and it’s literally a billion pieces. And guess what? I’m not putting that together. Kids are.

3) Happy Family : Ruby got a little doll house for her birthday and I love the idea of buying a family that is a different race than your own. And obviously I want the Asian family. And if ONE of you says I’m racist, I will literally choke you through your computer.

4) Green Toys Build-a-Bouquet Floral Arrangement Playset: We love Green Toys here. They are all made from recycled materials. They also just feel cool. Like not that thin scary slice your throat open plastic. Kids change the flowers all around to make different flowers. Or something like that.

5) Diggin Wobble Deck Extreme Balancing Game: This is a balance board that plays different games with the kids. You can hold it and play or stand on it. I hear about it all the time and that it’s super fun for all.

6)FurReal Friends Daisy Plays-With-Me Kitty Toy: So we were at Target and saw this in the aisle and Ruby was mesmerized. At the time I was like, this is stupid and expensive. Fast forward 1 month and Ruby is obsessed with cats. OBSESSED. And not even our cats. Just cats. She sees a drawing of a cat and runs around the house holding it screaming KITTY KITTY! So this present becomes more valid. It’s eerily real. So take that as you will.

7) Smart Planet Piano Mat: To be fair, this is big. Really big. This comes out when it’s raining and kids are throwing lamps at each other’s heads. Then you’re all…LET’S PLAY WITH THE GIANT PIANO. It gets great reviews and you know you wanted this when you saw Big, when you were a kid.

8) Corolle Mon Premier Bebe Calin Grenadine Doll: I took an informal poll of facebook friends on the best babydoll. This and a billion dollar doll was recommended most. Billion dollar doll gets flushed down the toilet and drawn on with sweet potato. So this doll is the winner.

9) Rody Inflatable Hopping Horse: This was another one that I saw all the time when G was 1. Then I went to a place that had like 7 of them and every kid was bouncing around like a mental patient. Ruby’s second obsession after cats is horses. She calls them SIES (horsies). She would love this.

10) 12′ Parachute: Ok we actually own this. But I had to tell you about it. I bought it for G’s birthday party and kids went nuts. All the parents were like, did you rent that? NO I BOUGHT IT. And it was only 29 dollars. And my kids are obsessed with it. We make forts with it, we drag kids on it, we fly it. It’s the best. BUY THIS. YOU WILL THANK ME.

11) Educational Insights Magic Moves Talking Electronic Wand: This is cute. It is sort of a pseudo parent though. It says things like “stomp like a dinosaur” “freeze!” “jump in the air” and the kids do it and the wand knows. IT KNOWS.


Next onto buying gifts for a man who hates everything and who fits into nothing. Sounds super! B is 6’4” but pretty broad and slim with dinosaur feet and long arms. So. EVERYTHING gets returned. If you have a tall, slim, broad guy. Read on.

b gifts


1) Jcrew Tall Vintage button down and Jcrew Tall Vintage Oxford: These are some of the few shirts that are slim enough that they don’t look like garbage bags on B. They are also long enough but not night gown long. And obv the quality is good. One of these is a really nice gift. Jcrew is 30% off with code GIFTNOW

2) Gap Striped Pullover: Do you know how long it’s taken to find the right long sleeved shirts? Some are too long some are too wide some are “hurty fabric” (eye roll a million billion). Gap got it right THANK JESUS. You can wash and dry them too and they don’t turn into shmatas  ***Use code GAPDEAL for 40% off!

3) Striped Henley Hooded T: Mix it up and add a hood in there. Go CRAZY.

4) Clarks Desert Boot: You all know I own these. And I got B to try them on. Guess what? HE LIKED THEM. Guys. This is unheard of. B hates all shoes. He has widefeetandlongfeetandarchesthatdosomething and blaaaaah. These are so comfortable, they come in a billion colors (we tried them ALL on.). And they look very cool.

5) Fogless Shower Mirror
For TEN years B has had this stupid mirror in the shower that has this tiny blue light that does nothing and falls down at 3am making me think that we are being shot at. FINALLY  he got this one and it’s so cool. You fill it up with shower water in the back and it really stays fogless. Go science.

6) Big Socks.  Can you handle the excitement? I found these in JCPenney one year and I was sent back for more. If your male person has wide feet, get these dumb socks. ok?


Ok my list is not stuff I want this year. It’s mostly stuff that I have that I think you should have or gift too. MOM, DON’T BUY ME ANYTHING. I DON’T NEED THINGS.

my list

1)Sky Planter : I know, what’s become of me? My first wish is a planter. I like plants. Especially basil. I’m out of space on my counters. They are filled up with clay handprints and vitamins. I get to hang this up. I love it.

2) Free People Miles of Henley Dress: I love a good maxi. You can put a sweater over it in the winter or a turtleneck under it. Belt it, cardigan it, boot it. So versatile. I love how casual this one is.

3) Free People Honeycomb Mix Pullover: My daily uniform now is skinny jeans, desert boots and a longish sweater. I love this one so. It’s long enough in the back too to wear with leggings.

4) Zella Live in Leggings: Speaking of leggings…I took another poll on facebook of my personal friends favorite leggings. I got more responses than any of my other posts on facebook. I got a lot of recommendations for leggings over 100 dollars. Um no. But these got a good response from some of my fanciest friends. People swear by these bad boys.

5) Gap Legging Jeans: A while back I did an extensive search of the best skinny jeans. I tried really high end brands. I even own some of them and every single day, I’m still reaching for these jeans first. They hold their shape, they aren’t too restricting and they are a great length. I really love these. STILL. If you are buying as a gift, they run big. I’m a 27 and I buy a 2.

6) Timex for JCrew military watch with other bands: I also own this. But I feel very cool when I wear it. It’s also not a crazy price in terms of watches. It’s mens so it gives you that oversized sporty vibe. I love buying new bands for it too. Jcrew is 30% off with code GIFTNOW.

7) Crystal Rectangles Necklace: Because every girl loves a J.Crew necklace.

8) Free People Turn up the Sun Sweater: Sigh…I love the Free People. But I can only dream about a lovely sweater like this. Cozy, comfy, hippie cool.

9) Adorn 512 Hand stamped Necklace: I have this in Rose gold. The length is key. It sits right in that little nook between your collar bones. It’s rose gold and I love it. And every mom would love it with her child’s initial. Or husband. Or dog. Or F. Just because.

10) Smartwool I LOVE SMART WOOL. If you haven’t tried it or you don’t care about socks, trust me. I don’t care either. Until I tried smart wool. I’m exclusive now.

11) Leopard Belt:  I own this. I love this. It’s the best gift because it’s cool with anything. Ratty t shirt day? Throw it on. Big maxi dress? Belt it with this. It’s always cool. Love.

12) FP Voile and Lace Trapeze Slip:  This is one of FP’s best sellers. The model makes it look trashy. But wear it as the coolest layering piece ever. Over long sleeves, under a sweater, over a long skirt, over jeans. I have it in black but there are a million colors. It runs a little small.


There you have it friends. Your holiday guide complete. As always inform me on things that I missed.

Keep on WANA-ing.




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First the real realness. You guys are blowing WANA out of the water this year. I will help in any way I can. But as I check comments every night, I am always so proud to host this here on this little dumb website that has mspaint drawings of nonsense and penguins.

I always always get emails and facebook messages asking about what I’m into/G’s into/Ruby likes/ B likes. A quick answer is G is into everything. Ruby is into throwing. B is into nothing. And no one really asks me what I like.

But I’ll expand. This post is dedicated to the G Train. I have done a LOT of research on this one you guys. Mostly because I will have to live with this shit in my house for at least a year. His birthday is a few weeks before Christmas so I need to be on top of this. I researched gifts for the 3-4 year old that are fun, creative, promote awesome and will turn my child into a rockstar who can one day financially support his mother’s online shopping habit.

But also just some trucks.

Ok here is G’s Christmas list as dictated by mom. This will probably only last one more year. The dictating that is. Well, it’s going away already. He told me his NUMBER one request from Santa is a Crack Breaker. Oh you don’t know what that is? It’s THIS:



no problem.

Back to real life.

ok that picture blows. But click it and it takes  you to the page. So I work at G’s school in a classroom for 3-4 year olds. Guys, these things are sort of old school but rule. They don’t have anything like it anymore. These are the tracks that all hook together and you can tape them to a shelf or a window and make crazy tracks all over your house for cars. The kids LOVE it. Get a pack of these to go with it. 

Next. Back to trucks. G has almost every truck that any quality construction site would ever need. And if you walk into a Toys R Us, 90% of them will be crap. I promise. But THIS brand is amazing. It’s german and I can’t say enough good things about it. They look real, they are high quality and are sort of made to break and snap back together if they do.

This one is the BEST. It’s G’s favorite and totally amazing


But anything by Bruder will be a huge hit.



Ok I know. You’re all…a GAME? Like my 3 year old will sit through a GAME. Trust me on this one. I have recommendations on this sneaky squirrel game from hippie friends and republicans all alike. Everyone says that kids eat this shit up. I can’t say much more about it, other than it’s a good first game to teach kids how to not be a dick at games. You know who I’m talking about. I’m talking about me at 6 years old cheating against my mom at Connect 4 every damn day.

I always forget about bath toys at present time. G loves things that GO. And things that go inside of things that go are double best. I love Green Toys (the brand). They are all made of recycled materials. This will be a winner.


This is by Plan Toys. Another super favorite brand around here. They make cool toys that are modern, not plasticky and just plain awesome to have around. This is the parking garage. I mean….G will die. But I really have my eye on THIS for Ruby…..


ok if not for Ruby, I’ll just keep it in my closet for …whatever. I just will.

and them to live in it.


So my stupid weekly email updates that I STILL get from when I was pregnant tell me that 3-4 year old’s LOVE to play doctor. This is the money age for a doctor set. This one looks awesomely diverse. Poor Charlie is in trouble.


G ALMOST likes…more than obscure construction vehicles…building stuff. He likes to build “dark houses”. This means it has a roof. Towers, tunnels, castles, houses, cars…all have to be dark. Weird=kids. So a lot of building things are on our list as well. These are rated really well

They are gears that all fit together to make things move and work. Ahhh I can just hear the screams now “NO RUBY NO DON’T TOUCH THAT”

How fun is this?

Ok that picture makes it look not fun. But it’s blocks you stand on with the strings that you hold to give you “monster feet” and make you tall. Yay for indoor fun. Yay for 10 dollar gifts.

G will die over this one. It’s a digger crane that you can take apart with tools and build again. BAM 2 birds, dead. It’s sort of like that weird show Dinosaur Train. Just taking 2 random things that kids love and making one thing out of them. Works every time.

This one is a no brainer

If you guys don’t have Duplos yet, you need them immed. They are beginner Legos. We have 2 starter kits and a construction kit and it’s still not enough to make our “dark houses”. This is the big set. They are awesome. But what kids really like are the pieces to make cars.

So you could just get this, or get it as an add on

This looks so fun.

Click it and watch the video. It looks awesome and gets great reviews. The kids sit on it and wiggle around and go super fast. It looks like a really fun creative outside or maaaaybe inside toy for like 5 minutes.

This friends though is the money gift for my super digger:

You can’t really tell, but it’s RIDE ON-ABLE. Meaning your kid sits on it, digs shit up and loses their mind. There is one at the sandbox in our school and kids LINE THE DAMN STREETS to get on it. It’s also almost half price right now



G does a lot of holding random things (like spoons, shoes, tissues) and making them talk “oh hiii!” So making an actual puppet may blow his mind. I love Melissa And Doug everything and this looks adorable.

We are also doing a lot of pretend money things. He asks more about money and says that Daddy goes to work to “get money”. This makes for a fun game of pretend go to work and get money out of the cash register. Wait.


I’m sorry this picture is so tiny. But I’m even more sorry about how expensive this is. I’m on the fence about this one but it’s literally at the top of every mom’s list. It’s in every classroom and people seriously rave about these. They are magna-tiles. They are magnetic tiles that fit together to build stuff. I mean WHY is it so expensive? It’s on our wish list but I don’t know if I can bring myself to shell out the bucks for this one


And if you don’t want to build with blocks, or tiles or gears…build with TUBES. I mean could we be any buildier?

These also come with great reviews.

Have you guys heard of playsilks? They are big in the hippie community. They are essentially large squares of bright fun fabrics that kids are obsessed over. Think cape, tablecloth, boat, roof, tent…all kinds of things. They idea is that the kids aren’t told what they do, they decide. I know…so hippie. But everyone swears by them.


And when you want to build a fort with your playsilks? Use these. Literally the best piece of genius I’ve ever seen.

for clip


As I was writing this, I found this:

It’s like NOT a toy. It’s for geeks who collect mini real things. But there it is. His #1 gift. I don’t believe we’ll be getting that. Sorry G.

This post does contain some affiliate links because I have a mortgage.

Now my favorite part. WHAT did I miss? Anything awesome that’s great for a 3-4 year old Christmas?

Next up will be your 1 year old Christmas: spoiler alert: they need nothing. The end.

Keep on going with your WANA. Get your families some of these gifts.


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