You clicked on the “advertise” link on MODG blog because you are of a higher intelligence. In elementary school we called it “MG” (mentally gifted). It made the rest of us feel dumb, but thatʼs the best part about being smart.

Hereʼs why you want to advertise on MODG:

We receive an average of 250,000 page views a month with approximately 180,000 of those as returning and loyal visitor page views. Our readership has grown drastically in the past 6 months and we are continuing to grow.

For this section Iʼm going to talk about myself in the third person because it sounds smarter:

Amanda (MODG) was the winner of the Apartment Therapy nursery design competition, which brought a significant number of design savvy, young moms to the blog looking for design resources. This means that design stuff would sell well on this blog. This is true because MODG is asked about her nursery 15 times every damn day. Baby items and weight loss/health items also do well here.

Additionally, some of the most popular posts on the blog are the “Stuff I Like” posts. Here, I (were done with 3rd person stuff) recommend products via amazon. Here is how you can tell people trust my recommendations:

Any purchase of advertising for 3 months increments receives a 15% discount.

“As a business owner that does all of my work online, this seemed like the perfect opportunity to advertise on this blog. I have been a long time reader, so when I saw this opportunity arise, I jumped on it. MODG immediately provided me information regarding the amount of traffic on her blog, and all the information I needed to know to help me feel confident that I was making a smart business decision.I tracked the hits on my website for my product, and in 24 hours they went up almost 50% and have held steady. As far as sales-they have dramatically increased and have covered the cost of the advertisement and much MORE. I am extremely satisfied for what it’s done for my business in just one month,  and hope to advertise for many more!”

“DO IT! Been a sponsor for a month, and MODG traffic accounted for 49% of the traffic to my etsy shop last month!! That’s crazy. Totally worth it”

“we truly saw a HUGE increase in sales directly after we put up our ad

In addition, I will mention each advertiser at the end of a post, thanking you for your business and a bit about what you offer.
You will then become wildly rich.
Then you’ll buy me things from Sephora as a thank you.

I also offer ad design service for a flat $50.00 fee. I know. Amazing.

Ad space is limited. It will be on a first come first serve basis. I will put you on a waiting list for the ad you are looking for.
That’s really all I have to say about all of this.

Also a bit about my readers for your totally non racial sexist profiling:

  • Most of them are women ages 20-40
  • Most of them are either preg or have kids
  • Most are American with Asian as a close 2nd.

Most of them are pretty. I canʼt do anything about the ugly ones, sorry

Please email me for advertising rates and options: modgblog at gmail dot com